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Casino Design and Layout

post updated 17 February 2024

Hidden Facts You Never knew about Casino Design and Layout

It is not by surprise that you get naturally drawn to the fancy golden lions, the colourful display and high ceilings. It all rests on gambling psychology.

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21 October 2019

Casino design and layout introduction

The concept of an ideal casino structure is something to be highly regarded. It has to be in such a way that it creates and upholds just the right atmosphere, enticing enough to empty the wallet or purse. The design is something that has to attract new clients to walk in and as well keep them there for a while.

The casino administrator has a task to make the casino to be attractive at all times. How do they manage to do that? Let us have a look at the psychological aspects you did not know about casino design regarding be

Entrance Design

We are living in a modern age characterized by advancements in structure development. It is human nature to be attracted to beautiful work of construction and casino takes advantage of that. Whenever you pass by a casino, you are blown away with the investments at the front entrance. This will make you have the idea of how the inside is judging from the outside appearance.

Classy finished entrance sends a message to the guests that the inside is quite comfy and excellent. A water fountain one way of keeping the entrance appealing to the eye. The idea is to trap your mind and give you the curiosity to go in.

LED and Neon Lighting

Human beings have a weakness when it comes to Neon Lights. Nothing points out a casino better than the dazzling signs and colourful display of lights. The aim is to make the building front attractive and visible from far.  Impressive animated characters are at the entrance sign of almost every casino.

Brighter lights can make you forget your troubles. The lighting display is a work of art just like any other marketing strategy. The lights function to create a visual impression that invites people to admire, possibly make a stop and look around.

The Floor Plan

The organization of the building is very crucial in terms of the hospitality of guests. The casino floor plan is designed in a way to make you stay longer at the premises. It is well known that there are no clocks in casinos. Other than that, there are other aspects to make you stay longer;

One way the casino gets people staying for longer is by organizing different gaming situations. The gaming situations offered to meet customer demands range from open spaces to private gaming. For instance, a 4-star Poker Room and secluded non-smoking gaming areas. And over a thousand slot machines to choose from in the open spaces to suit your desire.

Another fact you should know is about the walls and the ceiling. Casino walls are curved rather than right-angled. The curved walls introduce a twist and turn into the design, distracting the players even more. Check out mega game.

Impulse Exploitation

The casino space is normally big and covers a wide area. With so many gaming platforms, it takes a considerable amount of time to learn your way around the place. The more you wander inside the more you get distracted to different games.

It is just the way the supermarket stores place chocolate and sweets near the counter. As you wait in line, you will find yourself adding them to your selected items. The casino is no different from a supermarket when it comes to impulse control. Snacks and bathrooms are the way the casino takes advantage by forcing customers to walk past mesmerizing games to access the services.

No Windows

I bet you are wondering if this is true. Windowless walls create a closed environment that is ideal for the gaming experience. It is a struggle to differentiate between daytime and night. With the advantage of no clocks around, you cannot realize time passing by.

Often, this takes away the worries of how late it is and you find yourself very much relaxed.

Fancy Competition

One outstanding fact when it comes to casino competition advancements is through architectural wars. When one puts up a sign, it is human nature for the next owner to put up an even bigger sign. Swimming pools of all designs where each competitor strives to make a bigger and fancy swimming pool to win the competition.

The competition aspect goes further to involve the architectural design of the place. Modern designs are employed daily to give a competitive edge to the business. Studies show that the pleasant odour from the slots machine makes players gamble aggressively.

Casino Design and Layout Conclusion

It is human nature to strive to have an advantage over other competitors. And as online gambling sites are working the extra mile to keep players at home, casinos have to be innovative. The casino and gambling industry at large will always use psychological tricks behind architecture they can get to enslave the players.

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