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3 Times Art & Architecture Blended Beautifully

15 Apr 2020

Architectural beauty really is in the eye of the beholder

The stark concrete blocks of Brutalist buildings are attractive to some, while others prefer the gorgeous curves and sleek lines of Art Deco, and the Bauhaus school attracts those of us who love clean functionality combined with simple yet sophisticated design.

Whatever floats your design boat, there are occasions where an architect ties aesthetic and practical elements together in a project that ends up being much greater than the sum of its parts and has a je ne sais quoi that really resonates.

With that in mind, here are three times art and architecture blended beautifully.

  1. V & A Dundee

V & A Dundee:
V & A Dundee 3 times art and architecture blended beautifully

The V & A Dundee design perches on the banks of the River Tay like a beautiful spaceship which has materialised from another dimension.

Designed by renowned architect Kengo Kuma and constructed by BAM, its steep angled façade is inspired by northeast Scotland’s rugged cliff faces and, despite it being composed of concrete slats, the shape still suggests movement and dynamism.

The construction wasn’t child’s play and actually required the installation of a temporary cofferdam at the front section which juts out over the water.

  1. Bleigessen, Wellcome Trust HQ, London

Thomas Heatherwick’s stunning Bleigessen sculpture flows down the 30m high atrium space in the Wellcome Trust’s London base like a magnificent metallic waterfall.

Executed with the help of metal braid specialists Ormiston Wire, it has 150,000 beads suspended on 27,000 wires hung the length of the space and was inspired by the concept of a huge gravity chamber with a water pool at the bottom, representing the idea of falling liquids taking a naturally determined form.

Bleigessen proves that abstract design can fit wonderfully well in a modern corporate setting – this is a conversation piece on a grand scale that evokes the creativity and innovation of its host organisation.

  1. The Hill House, Helensburgh

When it comes to an alchemical ability to blend art and architecture, Charles Rennie Mackintosh had it in his blood.

The Hill House is a fine example of his embarrassment of talents. Considered his domestic masterpiece, it was commissioned by prominent Glasgow book publisher Walter Blackie, and every detail down to the doorknobs and lighting fixtures features Mackintosh’s deft design fingerprints – it’s absolutely breath-taking.

The building’s exterior is now surrounded by the Hill House Box, a specially designed mesh covering that preserves it from the rain and allows visitors to see it from exciting new perspectives – it’s a clever way to protect it for prosperity and give it a new lease of life.

3 Times Art & Architecture Blended Beautifully Summary

And voila – three times art and architecture blended beautifully. Hopefully these three stunning examples of designs that are practical and creative inspire you to merge flair and functionality in your own projects.

That’s our list! Share your thoughts on art and architecture in the comments.

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