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Casino Architecture Design

Nov 25, 2020

Casino Architecture Design Guide

Casino Architecture

I walked into the Monte Carlo Casino once and was awed by the structure. It’s impressive in every way, and it is meant to be. The place was built to be dedicated to gaming- built by the unsurpassable Charles Garnier. That’s the same man who designed the Paris Opera.

Walking into the casino, I was greeted by bas-reliefs, statues, a marble and gold atrium- just beautiful architecture everywhere. The question I asked myself as I looked around was: “did this place feel inviting to me?”

I wanted to know what was going through the minds of those who constructed it, designed it and decorated it. The people in charge of all that obviously had a plan to make sure the casino made money. So, they had to consider what the patrons would think when they were greeted by the impressive architecture.

I know the theme they were going for was splendor. You take one look at the Monte Carlo Casino and you are amazed by how prestigious and rich it all looks. It is meant to evoke a sense of wealth and opulence. That can be good for a casino, I think, as it makes one consider whether they might become rich as well.

The same way a car commercial may have a beautiful woman featured to sell the car, this casino is selling the customer on riches. The entire design speaks to that, but I wonder if it doesn’t turn off some potential customers as they walk through those doors. They may be impressed but they may also be terrified. They could be thinking, “If I go and spend my money here, I will likely lose my money like others who have helped to pay for this thing.”

That has to be the thought of some people. They have to take a pragmatic stance on these kinds of things and say to themselves that someone is making a lot of money on this casino and it isn’t likely to be the patrons, at least not most of the time. They see the opulence and the wealth on display and wonder how much of that they will end up contributing to before they walk out the doors.

They may wonder what statue they will help finance or what new carpet they may be putting a down payment on when they play their games of chance. Before they get through playing the slot machines, they might wonder if they are better off taking their gaming online, where there isn’t as much overhead to deal with.

They could pay a nice quite game of PG Slot or baccarat and possibly not lose as much as if they were to play similar games in this casino. The market is exploding on those online gambling sites, and it is an entirely different kind of architect building those places of business.

I know casino architecture is also designed to make it difficult to leave or to want to leave. The ambience is designed to be relaxed and to keep you playing for long hours, so you don’t easily realize how much money you spent or how long you were there. They distract you with a lot of different noises and lights and spectacular sights and keep you occupied for as long as possible. The longer you stay, after all, the more money you are likely to spend.

I don’t think I have ever seen a casino that didn’t have some measure of extravagant wealth on display. Even the simplest casinos have statues and gold-coloring to make them look like expensive affairs. They want you to think about money is what it is, and they do that by giving everything a shiny look and a glossy sheen.

The high ceilings and broad arches help to sell the idea of wealth too. How much of that wealth ends up in your pocket is hard to say, but it’s not likely to be a lot, if the odds fall like they usually do. Even if you go visit one of these places and don’t spend a dime, you can still appreciate the golden trims and the opulent decorations. The architecture alone is always worth a look.

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