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Take Your Love For Architecture Up a Notch: Interior Design Degrees

November 28, 2022

Take your love for architecture up a notch

You’re contemplating how to enter the interior design field. You might be starting off, either just out of college or just applying to design school, or you might be a few years into your career and thinking about making a professional pivot.

Whatever the situation, you’re considering what to do next. If you manage the transition properly, you might be able to convert a pastime or interest into a full-time profession in interior design.

But where do you even begin? What should be considered first and foremost? How exactly does one start a career in interior design?

Even though there are many different ways to reach the final objective of becoming an interior designer, certain of the key checkpoints do not change.

Take A Self-Assessment

What is it about interior design that you find so appealing as a career? What makes you think you’d be a good fit for the position? Consider whether you actually love interior design rather than just have a knack for decorating. It’s crucial to understand how the two fields differ from one another.

Anyone with a creative flair and a passion for experimenting with color, texture, textiles, and furniture can work as an interior decorator. However, only certified designers may use the title of an interior designer. It would be wise for you to go that path if decorating is more of your area of interest. Otherwise, consider your own skill set and strengths to evaluate if the profession is suited for you and if interior design is more your penchant.

The pandemic has opened a lot of options on the internet, as a blessing in disguise. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) reached 220 million students by the end of 2021, up from 300,000 in 2011. You can enroll in online architecture degree programs for undergraduate and graduate study that are accredited and taught by qualified and active architects. The online architecture program strikes a balance between the technical, creative, and intellectual skills required for professional practice.

Through the online degree, students have the chance to learn about all facets of architecture from architects, interior designers, and construction specialists. You can also search the internet for all the assistance you need for your course, assignments, or tests. Also, there are homework help platforms, and you can find study materials, notes, and assignment help related to your online degree on their website.

Consider The Specializations

Next, think about the specializations or areas of expertise you might like to pursue and sketch out a possible career path. Even if you don’t have to concentrate only on a niche field of design right now, knowing where you want to go in your profession in a few years will help you create a good road map.

It greatly aids in keeping you motivated to have your short- and long-term goals listed out with a timeline for when you want to achieve them. The trip you take along the way, though, is what shapes your character and profession, so it’s vital to keep in mind that it’s okay if not all of your goals are accomplished.

Many changes resulted from the pandemic, and many interior designers discovered creative ways to adapt, which occasionally required leaving their specific industry of choice. Now jobs for interior designers are in high demand. Over the next ten years, there are expected to be, on average, 8,200 vacancies for interior designers, despite the limited expansion in the employment market.

How To Become A Qualified Interior Designer

Usually, a bachelor’s degree is needed to become a licensed interior designer, as most businesses will demand it. There are associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs in interior design offered at numerous schools and universities. Thus, attending a design school expressly is not required. But it’s crucial to carefully create a study path that incorporates a variety of design classes.

Use the career services division at your institution or university to your advantage. To hit your aim or get close to the area of the industry you’re interested in, work with your career services advisor to identify your ambitions.

Which Is Better, Interior Design Or Architecture?

To create visually attractive places, architects and interior designers use their imagination, artistic sensibility, and problem-solving skills. Before making your choice, carefully consider if you are most passionate about interior or exterior design.

Regardless of which one you select, both occupations are in demand throughout all sectors of society today, from governments to educational institutions and everything in between. In the end, one’s aptitude and enthusiasm should dictate the job route one chooses. So take everything into account before making a choice.

Look For Internships

According to Glassdoor, the majority of internships (50%) in the United States were terminated in the spring. Additionally, the number of internships hired in April 2020 plummeted by 39% from April 2019. Now that the world is back to being normal try and take benefit of it as much as you can.

You can start your career by working as a freelancer or part-time in the interior architecture fields that interest you. The majority of professionals with at least three to five years of relevant experience are given a respectable job description and remuneration.

Before beginning employment as a professional, internships are a terrific opportunity to construct a portfolio and obtain practical experience. If you believe your education is excellent, don’t be scared to add it. You must be able to demonstrate what you need to get going.

Create A Robust Portfolio

By developing a good portfolio, you may attract clients in the easiest manner possible. Whatever degree program you select, a component of the curriculum should focus on building a strong portfolio to present your abilities and creative concepts. All of your work should be beautifully packaged and photographed before being uploaded to your website and included in a digital presentation.

This will demonstrate your abilities to potential clients and position you as a well-organized professional. To offer readers an understanding of how you think and work, you should also include a few instances of projects that you can present from conception to conclusion. Additionally, you should always change your portfolio to showcase initiatives that relate to the goal you are attempting to achieve.

Although displaying your portfolio digitally is the preferred method, don’t be scared to also produce a traditional Flipbook. Customers enjoy flipping through photo books to view your work, and having something tangible in their hands might have a longer-lasting effect.

Take Volunteer Work

Even while getting paid for your work is obviously the main goal, you can have trouble finding employment if you lack work experience. This is a technique to gain experience and position yourself more favorably for employment.

Without working, you won’t be able to accumulate experience. Thus, you might be forced to practice your profession for nothing. Offer your services to friends, relatives, or neighborhood nonprofits. Additionally, this will aid in your skill development when you do come across paying opportunities.

Take Your Love For Architecture Up a Notch: Preparing For Interior Design Degrees

At the present, becoming an interior designer or architect is a very popular career option, and it is very apparent why. You must be diligent, imaginative, and rational to study architecture in college. This can be the ideal subject for you if architecture, design, and infrastructure fascinate you.

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