4 Most Effective Ways to Clean Rugs at Home Advice, House Cleaning Tips, Flat Living Guide

4 Most Effective Ways to Clean Rugs at Home Guide

27 Aug 2020

Cleaning your home is not just something you should do on special occasions; it should be a regular ritual. Nothing makes your home look more clean and fresh than having your rugs cleaned thoroughly to highlight the best furniture features and the squeaky clean floors.

4 Most Effective Ways to Clean Rugs at Home
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Many people tend to automatically send their rugs to a dry cleaner to have them cleaned rather than doing them at home, thinking they would not be able to do a thorough job themselves. However, you can use these tips to help you clean your rugs at home effectively and without much hassle or you can opt for a professional service like: https://www.rugwashspecialist.com.au/sydney/

1.  Vacuum on Both Sides

The power of vacuuming your rugs is often underrated. Many people tend to vacuum only the visible side of the rug or simply dust it with a broom thinking that this does the trick. The reality is, dust can just as easily collect on the bottom of the rug, and it is essential to vacuum that side as well in the process of cleaning the rug effectively.

2.  Mix Cleaners Wisely

When it comes to cleaning up your rugs at home, the type of cleaner you use plays a huge role in how effective that cleanup would be. As mentioned by Needpoint rugs cleaning and restoration service, certain types of rugs can have very delicate threads. You would want to use a mix of light cleaners that do not have vigorous chemicals that might harm the threads of your rug. Make sure you read the labels of any cleaning products you use to ensure that mixing any of those chemicals would not be of any danger to you or your rugs.

3.  Rinse Thoroughly

Sometimes, merely rinsing the rug thoroughly after dusting or vacuuming, it would be all the cleaning your rug needs. You can use a rug-cleaning brush in the process to help you get the water to spread to wherever you need it to go and wash off any dirt or light stains on the fabric as well. If you’re going to rinse your rugs after using a cleaner on it, then it is essential to wash off any excess thoroughly, as having those kinds of chemicals stuck on the threads of your rugs can lead to them deteriorating rapidly.

4.  Dry Sufficiently

Cleaning your rugs is not just about using water and soap. The drying process also plays a huge part in how fresh the rug will be when placed back in your home. Sometimes taking your rugs out to dry, whether you have previously washed them, they had a liquid splash on them, or simply because humidity has taken over, is all your rug needs to look and feel clean again. It is an easy and quick way to clean the rugs that can have great results.

Rugs can shape your home and bring all your furniture together very elegantly. That is why having them regularly and effectively cleaned is essential in making your home look and feel fresh. Remember that small steps can go a long way in keeping them clean.

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