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6 Compelling Reasons to Ditch Traditional Neon Signs for LED Signs

Oct 5, 2020


Neon and other gases have been the main materials for constructing signs. When you think of a sign, the thought that comes to mind is a huge neon sign advertising business in Las Vegas, for example. While you cannot deny that neon signs have a nostalgic or romantic feel to it, LED signs have some distinct advantages that make them edge neon just.

Whether you are concerned about the environment or you want lower maintenance costs, there are many ways LED signs are advantageous. Here are 6 reasons to ditch traditional neon signs for an LED open sign.

6 reasons to ditch traditional neon for LED signs

LED Signs Advice

It gives you a More Durable Solution

Neon lights tend to be very fragile. You cannot take the risk of replacing them otherwise you will break them. A lot of care is required when moving the sign because if you break the sign, you are likely to damage the lights. On the other hand, LED lights are much more long-lasting. Even if you accidentally drop them, you just need to pick them up and continue with what you were doing.

A Brighter Sign

One of the main attractions of Neon Lights is their soft, warm, glow. Not only does this make neon light more nostalgic but it also enables the signs to blend in perfectly with the surrounding.

LED lights produce bright illumination in the darkness, something that makes them be more outstanding. It makes you attract more attention from passersby as people find it easier to locate your business especially if you hang a sign for open in front of your business.

Lower Costs of Operation

One of the best things about LED signs has to come down to the fact that it is much lower to run than a neon light. The power consumption of a neon sign is anywhere between 3kv and 18kv. If you compare this with just 24v-120v consumption by neon, you find that indeed they are much cheaper to run. The cost of purchasing the two signs may be almost similar but overall, LED lights are much cheaper in the long run.

Maintenance Costs

LEDs are also cost-effective when you consider the cost required to run them. Traditional neon lights can give you roughly 10,000 hours of operation in their entire lifetime. It means you must prepare to periodically change the light depending on how much you use your sign. LED lights last three times longer than neon lights, meaning that you will replace them much less frequently. Also, LED lights are far less expensive to replace than neon signs. You can replace them yourself when it’s not too high in the sky.


One of the things that make neon signs so delicate is that the tubing in them is glass-made. Mercury is the main source of the soft neon light that these lights create. While it’s not more dangerous than fluorescent lights, there are certain risks with both these forms of advertising.

On the other hand, LED lights don’t have any dangerous materials. Also, they don’t require any special handling and are not easier to damage. They are the far safer option.

Environmentally Friendlier

Since LED lights use less energy and last longer, they tend to be way more environmentally friendly compared to neon lights. As your sign has a longer durability, you won’t replace them now and then. This is not only good for your pockets but also for the environment.

Ways Digital Signage Benefit Your Business

Connect with customers

Your outdoor digital sign is the first thing that a customer will see regarding your firm and probably the only thing that will remain in his mind several days or months later. Digital signs give you clearer, better, and brighter means of advertisement to connect with your customers. Design your own neon sign that is highly visible even in high ways and make your business stand out.

Create state-of-the-art ads

LED signs have various features that enable business owners to create unique advertisements. High-resolution images, digital color screens, video display ability, and high brightness are just some of the factors that make LED digital signs so compelling. The amalgamation of these colors makes it easy to create easy-to-read and eye-catching ads with text, color, and picture combinations.

Keep up with the trend

LED advertising is like fashion in the business and advertising sense. Nearly all businesses have invested in LED signs one way or the other. When you choose the right sign for your business, you not only get the opportunity to grow your sales but also keep up with the competition. It means they cannot use this feature as a competitive edge over you.

Attract a wider market

Thanks to the advent of outdoor digital signage like LED lights, it is now easier to display special messages, products, and promotions with just a few clicks. You can create fully-fledged presentations and messages and then display them in segments to grab the attention of different markets that pass through the highways at different times.

Can be used in any environment

These signs are created to hold up to the extreme outdoor weather conditions like excess rains, heavy winds, ice, snow, and dust storms. Using a high-quality external cabinet also ensures your signage will remain safe from even the harshest weather conditions.

Easy maintenance and installation 

LED sign varieties from Green Light Innovation are easy to install and require almost nothing to maintain. They can also be changed much more easily with just a few clicks on your computer. You don’t have to hire someone to come and bring the sign down for you to mount another message. Everything can be done on a computer and it takes just seconds to have a new message displayed.


LED lights to give you a brighter, better, and clearer option to advertise your messages to the people passing by your establishment. They are so bold in their messaging and attract customers more than other advertisement options. When you buy your signs from Green Light Innovations, you can be sure to get a sign for open that makes you stand out from the crowd. Highly durable, our signs are easy to maintain and install. You can do it all alone without paying extra for someone to install it for you. For more information, visit greenlight-innovations.com or visit YEONeon.co.uk

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