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Tips On How To Keep Your House Sparkle Clean

22 May 2021

Cleaning can be fun for some people. However, some might find it a daunting task. Whether you like cleaning or not, you should know that a messy home will automatically increase your stress levels.

As a homeowner or tenant, you need to have a checklist that will guide you through it all. You have a roof that will be high maintenance if anything was to go wrong. There are also walls, floors, and not to forget the gutter that can at times cause problems when neglected. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or guilty, you can use the following home maintenance tips to keep your home clean and sparkling.

How To Keep Your House Sparkle Clean

Regular Vacuuming

You have floors that require your attention. Needless to mention is fact that rags placed in high traffic areas can be home to germs. you need a vacuum cleaner that will take care of all the mess.

You have reviewed such as the ones that can be found at www.canistervacuumsforsale.com to help you find the right vacuum cleaner. There are specifications to consider to help make your investment worth every penny. You have the vacuum’s cost to consider, length of cord, bagged or bagless vacuums, performance, and not to mention the noise level. These are key aspects that will impact your choice of vacuum cleaning equipment. The right vacuum cleaner will help get rid of dust from your floors as well as from your carpets and rugs. You also have vacuum cleaners that can help when it comes to maintaining furniture hygiene.

Remove Dirty Prints From The Walls

One of the home maintenance tips that will keep your home clean and sparkling is checking for dirt on the walls and cleaning them. Children tend to leave dirty fingerprints on the walls. 

Also, if you have pets around the house, you might notice animal stains and furs that can be hard to get rid of with a bare towel. Use soap and water to clean the dirt away. Experts recommend using white bread to rub off the dirt if you are dealing with greasy fingerprints. The use of spongy parts of white bread is an excellent way to erase smudges from your walls. Gluten, a component in white bread, is also essential for absorbing stains and dirt.

Clean Glasses And Mirrors

One way to ensure that all the glass surfaces and mirrors in your house are sparkling clean is by using a newspaper and vinegar. A newspaper, thigh simple, will be a perfect solution for cleaning screens and wiping mirrors as it has a non-abrasive ability from its soft fibers. Vinegar is also readily available in many homes and will save you a significant amount of money. Vinegar and newspapers are amazing cleaning agents and a good alternative to expensive cleaning detergents.

Replace The HVAC Filters In Time

How To Keep Your House Sparkle Clean

If you are using an air conditioner, then it’s important to have the air filters replaced in time. The best part is that this is a home DIY project that you can easily hack. However, for the most complicated systems, ensure to consult a specialist.

A dirty filter will only add stressors to the system and cause dirt to accumulate in your home. If you are living in a dusty location, make sure to clean all the accumulated dirt and debris in and around your air conditioning unit to avoid clogging the system. Keeping the filter clean will also enable you to enjoy clean and quality air in your home. It will also save you money for repairs and replacement.

Garbage Disposal

It can be disgusting finding old and smelly leftovers at the back of your kitchen door or refrigerator. Pouring dirt in the sink is not a solution to your garbage disposal; it only clogs it. For this reason, you need to have a garbage disposal system installed in the house. This will help dump the dirt quickly and with ease. Any garbage disposal system requires maintenance; otherwise, you will have your house filled with stench. If you detect any malfunctions with the unit, call a plumber immediately.

Clearing The Drains

Water in your home should be draining freely in the tub, shower, and sink drains. If it’s not draining, use boiling water to unclog. The other option that works best is using vinegar and baking soda. Don’t attempt trial and error when unclogging the drains as the use of chemicals may cause unwanted reactions. Always call a plumber when dealing with serious drain problems.

The challenge of keeping your house clean can be multiplied when you get lazy at the job. Teaching your family to stay organized when around the house can help make the work easier. Make sure all the systems in the house are clean to avoid mess around your space.

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