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Riverside Offices in Cordoba

Building Redevelopment in Argentina – design by Estudio Montevideo + Pablo Dellatorre

26 Nov 2019

Costanera Offices

Architects: Estudio Montevideo + Pablo Dellatorre

Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

Riverside Offices Cordoba

Photos: Gonzalo Viramonte

Costanera Offices is a refunctionalization project. A cluster of offices “embedded” into an old shed and into a very interesting point in the city of Córdoba, the riverside (“La Costanera”).

Riverside Offices Cordoba

After a long crossing for vehicles, we arrive at this superb shed that overlooks the river Río Suquía. A lost and forgotten jewel around the city. A 20-meters-long and 6-meters-high space. And, in addition, with patio/terrace. This terrace is enclosed by a brick wall that waves at La Costanera.

Riverside Offices Cordoba Riverside Offices Cordoba

Our client has asked us to set up a work team on site. For that purpose, we proposed two different tasks. The first one was to revalue the existing walls, foundations, ceilings, and floorings. The second one was regarding the exterior and interior design.

Riverside Offices Cordoba

Inspired by those former factories with bricks, metals, and distributed glasses arranged towards the river, we addressed the aesthetics of the place. We chipped and cut the walls. We reinforced the columns with sheets of back iron, and we created a pergola to enjoy a meal in the outside with a view of the river.

In the inside, reviewing the thorough work program, we decided to build two “logging ” towers inside the large space.

Riverside Offices Cordoba

One tower includes the reception area in the ground level, and kitchen and clothing in the upper level.
In the other block, there are offices in the ground level, and a meeting room in the upper level. The majority of the workstations are between the two towers in wooden tables. The final detail is a bridge unifying the two “towers” in the upper level, filling with life the air and land space.

Riverside Offices Cordoba

Riverside Offices, Córdoba – Building Information

Architecture Office Name: Estudio Montevideo + Pablo Dellatorre

Architects authors of the work: Ramiro Veiga, Gabriela Jagodnik, Marco Ferrari, Pablo Dellatorre.
Location: Córdoba, Argentina
Year: 2018
Built Area: 355 sqm

Design Team: Mateo Unamuno, Ignacio Igarzabal
Branding: Clara Quinteros

Brands / Products
Smooth concrete: CIMENT
Lighting: BRIMPEX
Furniture and objects: DRIFT

Riverside Offices Cordoba

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

Riverside Offices in Cordoba images / information received 261119

Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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