MR House in Buenos Aires, Argentina Home

MR House in Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Residence, Contemporary Argentina Property, Architecture

MR House in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Residential Development, Argentina Home – design by Luciano Kruk

30 Jan + 23 Dec 2015

MR House Buenos Aires

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

Design: Luciano Kruk

MR House

Contemporary House in Buenos Aires

Against a backdrop of rugged dunes typical of the Buenos Aires coastline, with a beautiful landscape, Luciano Kruk were commissioned to design a house, with the request for a program of regular needs for a weekend house and a limited budget. The proposal seeks to preserve the most of the wonderful qualities of the place.

MR House in Buenos Aires

The site for MR House, 20m wide by 50m deep, has the distinction of presenting a steep slope in the transverse direction, which is maintained throughout the length of the lot, showing a side at the same level of the access road and the opposite side 4 m high over the dune. This feature, along with the most vegetation concentrated on the upper area, was decisive for the location of the building.

Contemporary Property Costa Esmeralda

Contemporary Property in Buenos Aires

Seeking to not change in the least the original topography, Luciano Kruk decided to split the program into two simple volumes, crossing one over the other at right angles so that the lower volume, more elongated, rests longitudinally on the lower area, whereas the upper volume is transversely supported on high ground, and its opposite end overhangs to generate the access under it.

New House in Buenos Aires

MR House Buenos Aires

The lower volume in contact with the ground houses the social areas of the house and a guest room at one end, and the upper volume has two bedrooms for the family, the slope is also used to generate privacy turning all expansions to the outside to the side where the dune climbs, on the contrary, the opposite side is protected by a filter made of a series of rustic quebracho wood planks placed vertically with a carefully studied separation to generate privacy and a protective shadow in the afternoon.

New Home Costa Esmeralda

Provincia de Buenos Aires Contemporary Property

Contemporary Argentina Property

Contemporary Argentina House

The construction rests on the noble qualities of concrete, in contrast to the expression of the quebracho wood, dark aluminum and glass.

New residence in Costa Esmeralda

Contemporary Home in Buenos Aires

Contemporary House in Buenos Aires

MR House Costa Esmeralda – Building Information

Location: Costa Esmeralda, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Architects: Luciano Kruk.
Collaborators: Arq. Belén Ferrand – Ekaterina Künzel – Federico Eichenberg – Pablo Magdalena – Andrés Conde Blanco
Ground Area: 1.000 m2
Building Area: 150 m2
Construction: 2014

Contemporary home in Buenos Aires

Contemporary Residence in Buenos Aires

MR House in Buenos Aires

Photography: Daniela Mac Adden

MR House in Buenos Aires images / information from Luciano Kruk

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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