La Huella Housing, Córdoba

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La Huella Housing in Córdoba

19 Feb 2021

La Huella Housing

Design: Fanesi & Navarro Arquitectas

Location: Cuesta Colorada, La Calera, Cordoba, Argentina

La Huella Housing Cordoba

Located in Cuesta Colorada, La Calera, northwest Córdoba city, the La Huella Housing project is one of Fanesi & Navarro Arquitectas’ very first designs in this typology. The topography in this area is very irregular, so this gave them the lines for the implantation of the houses on the terrain. With an upward slope from the street, they were challenged to design a project with the possibility of having easy access to the green spaces.
La Huella Housing Cordoba

La Huella Housing Cordoba

According to the regulations, the architects were allowed to build maximum 4 housing units. Fanesi & Navarro Arquitectas grouped them in 2, generating two separate blocks with a green space in between. To solve the difference in levels, they designed a triplex housing, or house in 3 levels.

La Huella Housing Cordoba

The first storey, has access only from de façade, as the back is completely buried. This one is used as a garage and barbecue gallery, while the house is developed in the two upper floors.

La Huella Housing Cordoba

The middle one, where the social activities of the house occur, has access to the backyard and a view to the front.

La Huella Housing Cordoba

And the last level incorporates the private area of the house. Each living unit is developed with the highest efficiency between making a small living unit functional and comfortable.

La Huella Housing Cordoba

La Huella Housing Cordoba

The morphology responds to the concept of a block. The windows are placed towards the front and the back of the houses to appreciate the views, generate privacy between neighbors, and seize a better air flow. We worked with brick in the blind façade, and with black iron sheet in the front and the back.

La Huella Housing Cordoba

La Huella Housing Cordoba

La Huella Housing in Córdoba, Argentina – Building Information

Architecture Office: Fanesi & Navarro Arquitectas

Construction: VOLV Desarollos
Year of completion: 2019
Construction Area: 432sqm
Ubicación: Cuesta Colorada, La Calera

La Huella Housing Cordoba

La Huella Housing Cordoba

Photographer: Architect Gonzalo Viramonte

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Location: Cuesta Colorada, La Calera, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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