Casa El Remanso Valle Escondido, Argentinan Real Estate, South American Villa, Architecture Photography

Casa El Remanso in Cordoba

Modern Real Estate Development in Valle Escondido design by HJ Arquitectura, Argentina

15 Oct 2019

El Remanso House

Architects: HJ Arquitectura

Location: Bº El Remanso, Valle Escondido, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

Casa El Remanso Cordoba

Photos: Gonzalo Viramonte

The El Remanso House project is implanted in a flat land of 630sqm of a closed neighborhood in Córdoba. In front of a green space with an old tree called lapacho that frames the view and works as a private square.

Casa El Remanso Cordoba

It materializes in 2 plans to take advantage of the outer space and seeks to generate a sectorization of uses.

Casa El Remanso Cordoba

The main premise arises from giving privacy and intimacy to the interior family life on the ground floor and opening the upper floor to the north front.

Casa El Remanso Cordoba

From the functional search, the heaviest image appears in the lower sector and lighter in the upper sector.

Casa El Remanso Cordoba

On the ground floor we seek to integrate the environments and through a barn door as a work of art generate a certain limit with the kitchen. The only element that appears simulating a virtual limit is an old column of demolition in the entrance.

Casa El Remanso Cordoba Casa El Remanso Cordoba

On the upper floor the environments open to the north, maximizing the sun throughout the year.

The combination of noble materials make the contemporary modern style with certain industrial reminiscences.

Casa El Remanso Cordoba

The materials selected for the exterior are exposed concrete and brick without joint, industrial style, always maintaining the concept of eternal materials that do not need maintenance.

Casa El Remanso Cordoba

Casa El Remanso, Córdoba – Building Information

Architecture Office Name: HJ Arquitectura

Architects authors of the work: Architect Virginia Hirschfeld – Architect M. Cecilia Jaskowsky
Location (street, commune, city, country): Bº El Remanso, Valle Escondido, Córdoba, Argentina
Construction term year: 2018
Constructed area: 320 sqm

Other Participants:
Structural Calculation: Ing Marcelo Baez
Heating system: Warm 20 degrees

Brands / Products
Aluminum: Alumcor
Porcelain: Ilvaporcellanato
Coating: ProcorGroup
Heating System: Warm 20 degrees
Roca Sanitarios

Casa El Remanso Cordoba

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

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Location: Bº El Remanso, Valle Escondido, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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