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Casa Carrara : Buenos Aires Residence

Residential Development in Argentina, South America – design by Andrés Remy Arquitectos

19 Nov 2012

Carrara House

Location: Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Design: Andrés Remy Arquitectos

Casa Carrara - Buenos Aires House

Casa Carrara Argentina Buenos Aires House Argentina House
photos : Alejandro Peral

Contemporary Residence in Argentina

Located on an irregular lot, the house sits at the back of the lot and is parallel to one of the streets to open the best orientation and capture the best views. The idea of this journey was to discover the entrance as we follow the exterior stone wall. The rustic and crafted stone defines and separates the entry zones from the living spaces and is inside and outside, proposing a counterpoint to the pure white that dominates the inside of the house.

A blind and evocative entrance makes a strong impression on the house. The white of the carrara marble dominates the interior architectture. With the white walls and cielings, the house appears to arise from within the water. The touches of color are used for small details and decorative objects, dominating the white color and the turquoise of the water.

Casa Carrara Casa Carrara South America Carrara House Carrara Argentina
photos : Alejandro Peral

The water that surrounds the house penetrates it in the form of the mirrored surface of the water whose novelty results in the interior cascade that emerges from the top floor and falls while painting reflections via a pane of glass. This mirror of water is reproduced outside blurring the boundaries between one and the other. Finally, emerging from the hall dispenser of the top floor, the glass cascade drains musically into and through the heart of the ground floor. These elements give the project the distinct mark of Remy–bold, creative and perhaps provocative, but always unique.

Casa Carrara Buenos Aires Casa Carrara Buenos Aires Argentina Carrara House Argentina Casa Carrara Argentina
photos : Alejandro Peral

Casa Carrara – Building Information

Project: Andrés Remy Arquitectos
Construction: Andrés Remy, Hernán Pardillos
Design Team: Andrés Remy, Hernán Pardillos, Lilian Kandus, Diego Siddi, Gisela Colombo
Construction Management: Hernán Pardillos, Andrés Remy
Landscape Design: Leandro La Bella, María Celeste Iglesias
Lighting Design: Mauricio Meta
Engineer: Carlos Dolhare
Photos: Alejandro Peral
Area: 600m²
Location: Pilar, Prov. de Buenos Aires
Year: 2010

Casa Carrara Argentina images / information from Andrés Remy Arquitectos

Andrés Remy Arquitectos

Location:Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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