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Atelier I in Córdoba

25 Aug 2021

Design: Blasco Giraudo for Grupo Flaner

Location: Pasaje Benjamín Gould 669 – Barrio Güemes, Córdoba, Argentina

Atelier I Córdoba Argentina

Atelier I – Córdoba Property

Eight 45 sqm departments / offices make up Atelier I. A building located in Barrio Güemes, Córdoba Capital, Argentina. Intended for groups of young artists, designers, photographers, musicians, actors as well as legislators, lawyers, judges and accountants.

Atelier I Córdoba Argentina

Atelier I Córdoba Argentina

A few blocks from the Patio Olmos shopping center, a few meters from the most important gastronomic corridor in the city and from Tribunales II (Courts), Atelier becomes the ideal place to live and work with style and comfort, where the central patio, set with an important vegetation, became the nucleus that articulates the two blocks, which are connected by a metal staircase that leads to each of the habitable units.

Atelier I Córdoba

Atelier I Córdoba

Despite its minimal surfaces, each atelier has floor-to-ceiling aluminum openings and when opened, they release the angle and generate a great amplitude of space and interior / exterior fluidity, as well as excellent lighting and natural ventilation. This concept allows us to encourage the individual to a life in community.

Atelier I Córdoba

Atelier I Córdoba

The materialization was honest and traditional, mostly materials from the area.

Atelier I Córdoba Argentina

An independent structure of reinforced concrete, prestressed joist slab and hollow ceramic brick. The interior coatings plastered in plaster and the exterior ones with Revear-type plastic coating. Interior floors with two alternatives: 4 units with microcement and 4 units with wood-like porcelain tile, providing versatility and customization to suit the user. The rest of the enclosures were developed in a dry and light way, with railings, metal bars and aluminum openings.

Atelier I Córdoba Argentina Atelier I Córdoba Argentina

The exterior facade is the most impressive, due to its language that reflects the identity and spirit of the atelier’s heart. The metallic envelope that covers almost the entire facade on the two levels is the distinctive and authentic image of the place, generating situations of more or less privacy with constant changes of light and shade. This skin not only generates security to the place, but also a dialogue in a harmonious way with the rusticity of exposed concrete.

Atelier I Córdoba

The terrace allows unique views of the heart of the city and the astronomical observatory, a landscape full of nature where the urban fabric of Córdoba is enhanced. All this is complemented by a solarium with pool and barbecue to share simple and unforgettable moments with friends and family.
Atelier I has the fresh air and the right nature that gives the feeling of not being in a traditional residence, but rather in a wooded mountain camp.

Atelier I Córdoba Atelier I Córdoba

Atelier I in Córdoba, Argentina – Building Information

Architecture Office: Blasco Giraudo for Grupo Flaner

Website: @blasco_giraudo
Contact email: [email protected]
Country of Office: Argentina
Construction completion year: 2020
Built area: 391 sqm
Location: Pasaje Benjamín Gould 669 – Barrio Güemes, Córdoba, Capital

Design Team: Rodriguez Juan Manuel – Zapata Brian
Clients: Flaner Desarrollista / [email protected]

Atelier I Córdoba

Credits Photography: Arq. Gonzalo Viramonte
Sitio Web Photo: Instagram: @gonzaloviramonte

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Location: Pasaje Benjamín Gould 669, Barrio Güemes, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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