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Casa MI015 Home in Manantiales

19 Oct 2022


Location: Manantiales, Cordoba, Argentina, South America

Casa MI015 Manantiales Cordoba Home Casa MI015 Manantiales Cordoba Home

Photos: Andés Domínguez

Casa MI015 – Córdoba Property

The House MI015 is a single-family residence located in a context of neighborhood scale in the south of the city of Córdoba. The zone is in the full process of development and the house is located in a lot between party walls which haven’t been consolidated yet.

Casa MI015 Manantiales Cordoba Home

Therefore, the Project is governed by the premises of maintaining a certain control and privacy with the outside and allowing an open and generous relationship with the courtyard and its semi-covered spaces inside. In turn, a pre-existing tree is the axis and focus of the main environments.

Casa MI015 Manantiales Cordoba

As a project response to these statements, the house is located on its right party wall, generating simple lines and volumes of noble materials that allow the game of lights and shadow on its opposite side where the outdoor spaces are located.

The residence was conceived from the housing needs of a young family, the spaces of social character are located on the ground floor, in relation to the courtyard: the living-dining room, the integrated kitchen, a light/tending courtyard, a toilette and pantry. All of them in harmonious connection with the courtyard and the sequence of semi-covered spaces such as the garage and grill which becomes into an extensive gallery.

Casa MI015 Manantiales Cordoba Home

On the upper floor are located three bedrooms, one of them with a suite bathroom and dressing room, a corridor and a third bathroom.

The morphological composition of the Project is governed by simple forms. A pure white volume rests on a heavy foundations of raw materials such as concrete and brick in grayscale. The house takes advantage of its location allowing the entrance of light in each of its spaces, as a part of its composition.

Casa MI015 Manantiales Cordoba Casa MI015 Manantiales Cordoba

Casa MI015 in Cordoba, Argentina – Building Information

Architecture Office: ESTUDIO LOCAL
Social networks: @local.estudiodearquitectas
Contact emails: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Office Location (City, Country): Córdoba City

Year of construction completion: 2022
Constructed area (m2): 180m2
Location: Miradores II, Manantiales, Córdoba

On the ground floor there are social rooms: living-dining room, integrated kitchen, light/tending courtyard, toilette, pantry, garage, grill and gallery.
On the upper floor there are private rooms: three bedrooms, one of them with a suite bathroom and dressing room, a corridor and a third bathroom.

Architect(s) in charge: Estudio Local – Archs. Daniela Laham and Marisa Villalba
E-mail architect(s) in charge: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

Casa MI015 Manantiales Cordoba

Photographer: Andés Domínguez –

Photographer’s e-mail: [email protected]

Casa MI015, Manantiales Cordoba Home images / information received 191022

Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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