Chelsea Gardens Net Zero Affordable Housing, Brampton

Chelsea Gardens Net Zero Affordable Housing

As part of the Region of Peel’s Housing Master Plan to add more than 5,650 new affordable rental units to the housing stock in Peel by 2034, the Peel Housing Corporation engaged Montgomery Sisam Architects to advance the municipality’s 10-year plan and design a new additional affordable residential building within the existing Chelsea Gardens complex, Canada.

Solar Link, Murzuq District, Sahara Desert

Solar Link Murzuq District Sahara Desert

Solar Link, by Architectural designer Elija Halil, comprises a series of solar panel arrays meticulously designed and strategically positioned across vast stretches of the Sahara Desert. The project’s prime location Murzuq District, Sahara Desert, Africa, capitalizes on the region’s unparalleled solar irradiance