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Swisshouse XXXVI Muttenz, Baselland

9 November 2021

Location: Muttenz, Basel-Country, Switzerland

Design: Davide Macullo Architects

Swisshouse XXXVI Muttenz – Contemporary Home

Muttenz is a historic municipality on the outskirts of the city of Basel, which from an urban perspective looks like an extension of the city.

Swisshouse XXXVI Muttenz, Switzerland home

Photos by Fabrice Fouillet

Swiss House XXXVI Muttenz by Davide Macullo

The construction, used as a primary dwelling, is designed as a volume enclosed by a set of concrete sects. From a distance, the house appears to be an interpretation of traditional residential architecture and its forms from afar are familiar. Its pitched roof fits harmoniously with the overall impression of the quarter.

This familiarity however changes as you approach closer. When you arrive in front of the house you don’t recognize the volume that you have seen from afar. Instead, you are faced with a composition of exposed concrete sects that regulates the relationship between the interior and exterior.

Swisshouse XXXVI Muttenz property Swisshouse XXXVI Muttenz property

The sects and the glass openings are arranged in such a way as to direct the views from the inside of the rooms to the outside, in selected directions. This gives preference to the most beautiful and wider views, while respecting the privacy of residents and neighbours.

Swisshouse XXXVI Muttenz property Swisshouse XXXVI Muttenz property

The project is part of the research of our studio; an exercise in interpreting the physical and historical context of a place. The harmonious integration of the building into the existing context is assured by the perception of the traditional forms of the new volume. When you approach and find yourself among the concrete slabs, moving from the inside to the outside and vice versa, the feeling of a familiar experience opens the way to a new feeling of an unexpected experience, of being in a kind of landscape.

There is a movement in the articulation of the structure; the ground-rooted and floating sects come together instead of separating. These slabs allow and suggest how man can orient himself in this environment, and broaden the perception of spaces, through a precise manipulation of points of view. Even the double height of the volume on the ground floor is oriented in such a way that the view to the outside meets the only hill and a medieval tower in the region.

Muttenz home interior by Davide Macullo Architects

The functions inside the house are used as both structural and sculptural design elements; the volume of the rooms on the first and second floors give shape to the void in the triple height. This design principle allows the inhabitants to experience a welcoming and surprising relationship between the interior and exterior spaces, as the space flows freely from the garden inside the house.

The interior of the building pivots about a triple height space, so that from the living room you can feel the whole height of the building. You enter the house from a covered entrance and you are in an atrium open to the living room. The viewing angles allow you to orientate yourself immediately, showing all the rooms and their relationship with the outside.

Muttenz home design by Davide Macullo Architects Muttenz home interior design by Davide Macullo Architects

The building is divided into two main parts. Due to its low height, the south-facing volume protects the view from the outside and offers a terrace on the second floor that amplifies the relationship with the surrounding context, giving a view across the whole neighbourhood. This protruding volume reduces the mass of the building towards the garden, so that the perception of the new construction presence is lighter.

The extension of the concrete sects towards the outside, compared to the windows set-back position, gives a sense of visual breadth, augmenting the perception of larger spaces, particularly in smaller bedrooms.

Basel-Country residential building sketch

In addition to the rooms in the basement floor that serve as service spaces, the project includes, on the ground floor, the living area, with kitchen, dining room, with direct access to the garden and an immediate visual connection to the rooms located on the upper floors. The first and second floors house the bedrooms, each with an outdoor terrace from which you can enjoy the view of the whole neighbourhood.

A direct consequence of the design principle and the desire to orientate the vistas from the house was the choice of construction material, exposed concrete. There is a contrast that plays between the heaviness of the material and its use and the floating sects that apparently have no supports. There is contrast also between the hardness of the outer shell and the bright and warm interior. The study of the volumetry and the use of materials and colours in the interior mean that the relatively small size of the building is perceived as larger.

Muttenz property design by Davide Macullo Architect Muttenz property stairs balustrade steps design

Swisshouse XXXVI Muttenz – Building Information

Project: Swisshouse XXXVI
Location: Muttenz, Baselland, Switzerland
Function: Private House

Project start date: May 2018
Construction start date: June 2019
Completion date: July 2021

Site area: 478 sqm
Building area (footprint): 125 sqm
Total floor area GFA: 214 sqm above ground
109 sqm below ground
Net floor area: 160.50 sqm above ground
84 sqm below ground
Volume: 741 m3 above ground
310 m3 below ground
Storeys: 1 level basement, 3 levels above ground

Materials: Main structure: Reinforced concrete

Finish, exterior: Facade: Reinforced concrete
Windows: Frame in wood-aluminium, triple glazing
Roof: Eternit ‘Integral Plan’ roof panels

Finish, interior: Walls: Plaster/Tiles
Ceilings: Plaster
Floors: Parquet/Tiles

Swisshouse XXXVI Muttenz, Switzerland


Client: Michel Oeschger and Lesya Oeschger-Noga
Project by: Davide Macullo Architects
Principal: Davide Macullo
Project Architect: Andrea Carlotta Conti

General contractor: Stamm Bau AG, Arlesheim, Switzerland
Structural engineer: Ideal Ingegno SA, Capriasca, Switzerland
Demolitions: Zimmermann Aushub Rückbau Garte, Gempen, Switzerland
Builder: Edmund Jourdan AG, Muttenz, Switzerland
Concrete cosmetics: Maler Schlotterbeck AG, Adligenswil, Switzerland
Timber construction: Stamm Bau AG, Arlesheim, Switzerland
Window construction: Baumgartner G. AG, Hagendorn, Switzerland
Sun protection: Danzeisen Söhne AG, Basel, Switzerland
Electrical planning: Griesser AG, Pratteln, Switzerland
Sanitary planning: Swisspro NW AG, Allschwill, Switzerland
Plasterworks: Rosenmund Haustechnik AG, Basel, Switzerland
Metal construction: Stamm Bau AG, Arlesheim, Switzerland
Door construction: Stamm Bau AG, Arlesheim, Switzerland
Screed: Jäggi AG, Arlesheim, Switzerland
Tile coverings: Marrer Unterlagsböden AG, Däniken, SO, Switzerland
Wooden floor coverings: Reinhard Ott AG, Arlesheim, Switzerland
Painter: Stamm Bau AG, Arlesheim, Switzerland

Photographs: Fabrice Fouillet, Paris, France

Basel-Country residence ground floor plan layout

Basel-Country residence first floor plan layout

Basel-Country residence second floor plan layout

Swiss House XXXII in Rossa images / information received 091121

Davide Macullo Architetto

Location: Muttenz, Switzerland

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