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Jeff Headquarters in Valencia, Spain

13 September 2023

Design: El Departamento

Location: Valencia, eastern Spain

Jeff Headquarters Valencia Spain

Photos: Jorge Peiró

The Empty House, Spain

The international startup Jeff has chosen the creative team of El Departamento
for the design of its new headquarters of over 5.000m2 in Valencia. The main
challenge of the project for this architecture and interior design studio has
been to reflect the essence of a successful, young and non-conformist
company, with an open thinking in continuous change.

Jeff Headquarters Valencia Spain

A brand capable of renewing outdated concepts and modernizing them to adapt to the needs of
today’s lifestyle and thus make people’s lives easier. All these values had to be
part of its spatial universe, breaking with the traditional schemes of the history
of offices to create a new headquarters that works as the perfect framework to
turn Jeff into the next Spanish unicorn.

‘We were inspired by the symbolism of the movie «The Imaginarium of Doctor
Parnassus». The film tells the story of Doctor Parnassus, who runs a traveling
theater company in which the workers offer the audience much more than they
can expect. They do this through a magic mirror that, when pierced, immerses
the viewers in a journey through time to enter the imagination and explore the
dreams and fantasies of the Doctor,’ say Alberto Eltini and Marina Martín, cofounders of El Departamento.

In this way, the studio understands these new headquarters as a journey
through the minds of the creators of the company, in which to transport workers
and clients to that place where all the dreams of Jeff’s imagination converge. A
space that combines vertical dreams, fantasies, small follies and whims, without
losing sight of the key needs of a first-class office to turn its space into a
projection made reality.

With the workspaces of the most prestigious international startups on the
current scene as a reference, Jeff’s offices are conceived as a living organism.
A space capable of evolving with the company and adapting to its changing

Jeff Headquarters Valencia Spain

Headquarters and coworking
Located in an industrial building from 1905 in an area very close to the Marina
of Valencia, Jeff’s new headquarters host, as well as the more than 350
employees of the company, a coworking space for startups. The headquarters
becomes a hub where entrepreneurs and technology companies find an open
and collaborative workspace, perfect for creating innovative synergies and
generating a positive impact on society.

The Good Good Life
One of the main premises of the project is based on creating ‘The Good Good
Life’. This means taking care of the employees by providing them with a
pleasant space where they can develop professionally, which reflects the
company’s avant-garde values, enhances relationships among them and, at the
same time, has a domestic scale that makes them feel at home. The office
includes, besides workstations and meeting rooms, spaces for leisure and
relaxation for the team.

A large terraced amphitheater-like grandstand dominates the central space,
offering the user the possibility of finding his or her own place at any given
moment. These open spaces have been shown to improve interaction between
staff and encourage heterogeneous development, breaking with structural
rationality through dynamic forms that are highly inspiring.

The use of common and versatile areas delimited only by vegetation, the play
of materials and textures and the use of bright colors make Jeff HQ a young,
bold and inspiring space capable of attracting and retaining talent. A distinctive
atmosphere that stimulates the user’s creativity and productivity, generating a
satisfying feeling of being part of something unique

Jeff Headquarters Valencia Spain

Jeff Headquarters in Valencia, Spain – Building Information

Project: Jeff Headquarters
Area: (m2) 5.000 sqm
Location: I Luis Merelo y Mas Street, 6, 46023 I Valencia
Architecture & Interior Design: Alberto Eltini y Marina Martín
Photography: Jorge Peiró
Art Direction: El Departamento

El Departamento is a young and energetic office founded by Alberto Eltini and Marina Martín that was born at the beginning of 2017 with the great challenge of revisiting the
architecture and interior spaces of the historical context in which we live. The place where
contemporaneity and experimentation converge: a path that goes from interior design to
architecture and vice versa. The Department aims to bridge the gap between the strictest
and most rational architecture through free thought and the boldest aesthetics with the
aim of stimulating the senses of the users of its works. Each project involves an internal
revolution that questions everything done so far under the conscious premise that we
cannot invent the wheel every day, but we can try it.

Jeff Headquarters Valencia Spain

Photography: Jorge Peiró

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Location: Valencia, Spain, southwestern Europe

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