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Piera House, Valencia

20 Jan 2022

Design: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Location: Burriana, Castellón, Valencia, eastern Spain

Piera House Valencia Spain

Photos by Fernando Guerra

Piera House, Spain

The Piera House project talks about setting limits and their permeability.

Piera House Valencia Spain

The first border is established between the street and the free space of the house, in Burriana, as in many municipalities the regulations establish a maximum dimension for the opaque fence and the rest of the height with a permeable materiality.

Piera House Valencia Spain

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos decided, perhaps influenced by the gate that Andreu Alfaro together with Emilio Giménez designed both in the house and in the sculptor’s studio, to make this border as an opaque filter for the views and penetrable for light and air, with a constant materiality in full height.

Piera House Valencia

This fine line built with aluminum profiles, which are arranged at an angle that prevents the view from the outside, draws a patio with almost the entire available surface. The heated area is limited by large-format glass carpentry, creating the feeling that the entire plot is the main space of the house. The dimension of the water pond seeks to broaden the perception of spaciousness of this space.

Piera House Valencia

On the upper floor are the private rooms of the house, a volume that aims to levitate is drawn with the same materiality that gives the interior a kind of veil from which to look without being seen. The dimension of this second floor exceeds the closed space of the ground floor, generating terraces and throwing another border, in this case immaterial, the shadow.

Piera House Valencia Spain Piera House Valencia Spain

The accent is placed on a constructive element, the gate, understood as a lattice built with industrial elements that on this occasion defines the architecture, confers privacy and dynamically characterizes all the materials as they are pierced by the intense light. An effect that has always captivated us, it is no coincidence that the Muslim architecture in which this element was used called it that way, masrabiya (“maravilla” in spanish, wonder).

Piera House Valencia

Piera House Valencia

Piera House in Valencia, Spain – Building Information

Architecture: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
Fran Silvestre, Carlos Lucas, María Masià, Estefanía Soriano

Interior Design: Alfaro Hofmann

Structural Engineer: Enrique Alario

Collaborating architect: Pablo Camarasa, Ricardo Candela, Sevak Asatrián, Jose Manuel Arnao, Ángel Pérez, Andrea Baldo, Miguel Massa,
Paloma Feng, Javi Herrero, Paco Chinesta, Anna Alfanjarín, Laura Bueno, Uriel Tarragó

Collaborating architect MArch Arquitectura and Diseño: Facundo Castro, Bruno Mespulet, Angelo Brollo, Gino Brollo

Interior designer MArch Arquitectura and Diseño: Sabrina D’Amelio
Interior design MArch Arquitectura and Diseño: Toni Cremades

Financial Manager: Ana de Pablo
Administration department: Anna Llácer

Location: Valencia, Spain

Structuralist: Windmill
Built Area: 285 sqm

Piera House Valencia Spain

Building Services
Climate control Climate control Galletti. Aerothermal and heating Dietrich
Electrical fitting Mechanisms Jung serie 990
Lighting Recessed in false ceiling. Led linear luminaire

Paving Satine

Piera House Valencia

Talim Wood Paneling. Wood projects
Exterior SATE. Micra

Metalwork & Locksmithing
Interior: Interior doors and cabinets DM Talim. Wood projects
Carpentry Exterior: IMG
Glazing: Montserrat
Locksmithing: Colado Andreu

Piera House Valencia Spain Piera House Valencia

Interior Furniture – Low table: Minotti
Armchair and chairs: Inclass
Sofá: Grasoler

Piera House Valencia Spain

Sanitaryware: Toilet | Inspira Round Series. Roca
Geberit frames and Sigma 60 pushbutton
Bathroom taps Tres Max

Equipment: Talium. Talim. Wood projects
Appliances: Siemens y Liebherr

Piera House Valencia

Photography: Fernando Guerra

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Piera House, Valencia Spain images / information received 220122

Location: Valencia, Spain, southwestern Europe

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