Morella Castle Renewal, Carquero Arquitectura Building, Sant Francesc, Historic Spanish Architecture Photos

Morella Castle Building, Castellón

29 August 2021

Design: Carquero Arquitectura

Location: Morella, province of Castellón, Valencian Community, eastern Spain

Consolidation and restoration in the area of “Sant Francesc” and “La Pardala” in Morella Castle .

Morella Castle Building, Castellón, Spain

Photos by Joan Roig

Morella Castle restoration in Castellón

The general criterion for intervention has been to restore and consolidate the existing masonry, maintaining their ruinous physiognomy, mainly in their crowns, hollows and surfaces, avoiding reinterpretation of the original state.

Morella Castle Building, Castellón, Spain

For the necessary added structural elements, have been used compatible materials such as lime concrete, with stainless steel and glass fibre reinforcing, with tones and textures that integrate with the rest of the interesting historical stratigraphy of the existing and discovered masonry. In the same way, for the necessary added functional elements such as carpentry, it has been used stainless steel with titanium steam treatment, giving it a finish that integrates with the rest of the intervention.

Morella Castle Building, Castellón, Spain

In the area of the loopholed wall, about 70 meters long and about 14 meters high, the main work has been focused on the structural consolidation, being at risk of collapse, as well as the cleaning and restoration. Outside the walls, four buttresses have been placed, reinforcing the foundation, recovering the exported land and sealing and consolidation of cracks.

Morella Castle Building, Castellón, Spain

In the interior of the walls, an important volume from Carlist War period fillings has been removed because of they affected structurally the wall, appearing numerous archaeological remains, deposited in the Museum of the Castle of Morella, as well as the finding of three lime ovens, leaving visible medieval rammed-earth that remained hidden. For the collection of rainwater, the main cause of the pathologies caused in the mansory of the Castle, a system of diffuse pavements and pipes has been arranged that direct the waters to a pre-existing outdoor pool.

Morella Castle Castellón building

The access to the Sant Francesc Tower has been recovered by the execution of the roof in its wall-walks annex, its stairs, and the increase of the semi-demolished wall and the tense. All the masonry has been restored, including the ramp and its annex building.

Morella Castle Castellón building

In the area of Pardala Tower, the entire filling has been emptied to its original level to be able to waterproof and systematize the collection of water, executing his lost cover. The exterior masonry has been restored, with curious finds such as cannonballs embedded in the Tower, or a hidden gunboat.
In the same area, the ancient overhanging latrines, that remained undetected, have been enhancement, executing a carpentry that allows to emphasize and to leave visible the corbels of this important historical element, to be the point of entry in 1838 of the Carlist troops.

Morella Castle Castellón building

Morella Castle, Castellón, Spain – Building Information

Project: Consolidation and restoration in the area of “Sant Francesc” and “La Pardala” in Morella Castle.
Situation: Morella (Castellón, Spain)
Architects: Carlos Quevedo Rojas / Carlos Peinado Madueño. (Carquero Arquitectura)
Promotor: SG del Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España, Dirección General de Bellas Artes (Ministerio de Cultura).
Collaborators: Cristina Pérez Prado / Joaquín Martín Rizo / Alejandro Izquierdo Toscano / Gloria Rivero Lamela
Technical Architect: Fermín Font Mezquita
Archaeologist: Ramiro Pérez Millán
Builder: Urcotex Inmobiliaria S.L.U.
Construction manager: Josep Brazo i Ramírez

Morella Castle Castellón building

Use: Restauración
Surface: 1.400 m2
Construction price: 1.511.895,00 €
Project date: 2015-2017
Execution date: 2019-2021
Completion date: 27/05/2021

Photographer: Joan Roig

Morella Castle Castellón building

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Location: Morella, Castellón, Valencia, Spain, southwestern Europe

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