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House Catorce in Valencia

28 Feb 2021

House Catorce

Design: Alberto Facundo Arquitectura

Location: La Canal de Navarrés, Bolbaite, Valencia, eastern Spain

The House Catorce is located in La Canal de Navarrés, at the outskirts of Bolbaite town. Alberto Facundo Arquitectura’s intervention is intended to adapt to the environment, which we should undoubtedly take advantage of, while also taking into account its orientations.

House Catorce in Valencia

Because of this, the strategy is to close to Catorce Avenieu in order to give privacy and to open up to the views of the spectacular nature of this region.

Vivienda Catorce Valencia

Vivienda Catorce Valencia

The housing orientation is one of the main aspects taken into account for the decision making of where to position the elements inside of it. This have been the main key point to guarantee control of sunlight and cross ventilation in all rooms.

Vivienda Catorce Bolbaite Valencia

Thanks to its design and execution under Passive Haus criteria, air infiltration has been controlled by specific solutions, efficient air control equipment has been installed, thermal bridges have been eliminated and good insulation has been introduced in the enclosures and openings.

Passive Haus Bolbaite

Building in La Canal de Navarrés

Another important point in this project’s requirements was to give a contemporary aesthetic, that’s why we focused on clean and clear volumes with great contrasts, which combined with materials such as wood and stone, make its appearance more friendly.

La Canal de Navarrés Building

Bolbaite Property

Vivienda Catorce Valencia

The result? An efficient, clear and concise home that adapts to all times, and above all to the needs of its owners.

Vivienda Catorce Valencia design by Alberto Facundo Arquitectura

1. Incerco, Top Slide Lift – lift-up PVC exterior sliding door
2. Incerco, Top 76 Legend – Windows, balconies and exterior PVC fixings
3. Azuvi Ceramics, Line Natural Blanco – toilet coating
4. Living Ceramics, Gubi Light – pavement
5. Ytong – structure

Vivienda Catorce Valencia by Alberto Facundo Arquitectura

House Catorce in Valencia, Spain – Building Information

Office: Alberto Facundo Arquitectura

Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area: 173 m2
Project location: Bolbaite, Valencia, Spain

Lead Architects: Alberto Facundo
Technical architect: David Tortosa Bravo
Builder: EDE3 Gestión de Proyectos Urbanísticos, S.L

Vivienda Catorce Valencia

Vivienda Catorce Valencia

Photographer: German Cabo

House Catorce, Valencia images / information received 280221

Location: Bolbaite, Valencia, Spain

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