Diffuse Borders Residence

Diffuse Borders Residence Quito

Designed by arquitectura x this project became a house in the process, its actual configuration decided during construction, its final purpose still undecided. Uncertainty and vagueness become the strategies and the tools for constructing a series of spaces which help solve the family´s needs.

Puerto Cayo House

Puerto Cayo House in Manabí

Design: Gabriel Rivera Arquitecto

The Puerto Cayo House, is a project where time passes slowly and life is enjoyed at its best. A place that invites us to meet again with our essence and leads us to understand that we are part of a whole, part of nature, part of the universe.

Gaia Building in Quito

Gaia Building in Quito, Ecuador

Design: Leppanen + Anker architects. The building is located at an important intersection within the city where urban elements converge, such as a new metro stop, an important government building, a commercial shopping center and the most emblematic park of the city.