Quinta Alegria Part 1, Puembo, Ecuador Real Estate, South American Property, Architecture Development Photos

Quinta Alegria Part 1 in Puembo, Ecuador

17 July 2023

Architects: Najas Arquitectos

Location: Puembo, Ecuador, South America

Quinta Alegria Part 1 Puembo Ecuador

Photos by Bicubik

Quinta Alegria Part 1, Ecuador

Quinta Alegria: Nature’s Modern Haven: One of Nine Contemporary Retreats

Quinta Alegria Part 1 Puembo

Located in the picturesque Puembo Valley, to the east of the vibrant city of Quito, we were commissioned to develop a collection of 9 residences designed for a group of families who longed for a contemporary lifestyle in a countryside setting. Each house is unique and tailored to the characteristics of its respective lot, blending modern architecture with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Quinta Alegria Part 1 Puembo

The first of these homes belongs to a young family of 4 people who sought a residence that opens up to a lush backyard garden, where social gatherings and meals with friends could be at the heart of their everyday life.

Quinta Alegria Part 1 Puembo Ecuador

Quinta Alegria Part 1 Puembo

The design of this residence has been conceived on a single floor, with the purpose of facilitating internal mobility and achieving a harmonious flow between the different spaces. This home has been created to serve as a refuge for the parents until their adult years, thus comfort and accessibility have been prioritized.

Quinta Alegria Part 1 Puembo

The social area and the kitchen are united in a spacious and luminous lounge, situated beneath a sloping roof adorned with local pine wood. This promotes a daily life oriented towards the garden, with a height of 4.8 meters, while allowing the kitchen to receive an abundant amount of natural light from the opposite side.

Quinta Alegria Part 1 Puembo

The private areas envelop the garden, harmoniously merging with the adjacent plots of land and creating a new green and open space on the eastern side. This design promotes natural lighting and cross ventilation throughout the house, generating a sense of well-being and connection with nature.

Quinta Alegria Part 1 Puembo Ecuador

The strategic distribution of private and social spaces on a single level encourages a fluid and flexible coexistence among the residents, in close relation to the surrounding natural environment. Our architectural proposal aims to integrate comfort, functionality, and aesthetic beauty, creating a home where the art of living and enjoying architecture intertwine.

Quinta Alegria Part 1 Puembo

Quinta Alegria Part 1 in Puembo, Ecuador – Building Information

Architects: Najas Arquitectos – http://www.najasarq.com/

Project size: 290 sqm
Site size: 820 sqm
Completion date: 2022
Building levels: 1

Quinta Alegria Part 1 Puembo Ecuador

Photography: Bicubik

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Location: Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador, South America

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