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Mezze House #2 in Pichincha

23 Mar 2023

Architecture: Najas Arquitectos

Location: Pichincha, Ecuador, South America

Mezze House #2 Pichincha Ecuador

Photos by Sebastian Crespo

Mezze House #2, Ecuador

A Tranquil Haven of Privacy and Transparency in Quito, Ecuador

Mezze House #2 Ecuador

The Mezze Residence #2 is a private house located in Quito, Ecuador, where privacy and transparency come together in an artful union. Tucked away in the Tumbaco Valley, on the northwestern foothills of the majestic Ilaló volcano, the house’s design was inspired by the natural beauty of its surroundings. Avocado and lemon trees dot the property, and the architects have seamlessly woven these elements into the design to create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.

Mezze House #2 Ecuador

As you approach the house, the concrete facade with minimal openings suggests a sense of privacy, but it’s the diagonal fold that draws the eye to the main wood entrance door. Once inside, the space opens up, revealing a sense of airiness and warmth. The architects’ attention to detail and keen eye for design create a sense of intimacy with the natural environment, drawing the outside in.

Mezze House #2 Ecuador

Mezze House #2 Ecuador

The main social hall and kitchen provide access to the south-facing private garden, which offers stunning views of the natural surroundings. The circulation of the house is thoughtfully designed to provide a sense of privacy while still allowing for access to the eastern garden. A magnificent Magnolia tree adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house, providing a natural canopy to relax and reflect under.

Mezze House #2 Pichincha

Mezze House #2 Pichincha

The staircase, which doubles as a “vertical” library, leads to the second floor, where the bedrooms and living areas are located. The design ensures that these spaces can be closed off at night, providing added privacy, while still allowing for cross ventilation and morning sun to filter in, keeping the local climate comfortable. The design also takes advantage of the direct views of the Ilalo volcano, framing it perfectly.

Mezze House #2 Pichincha Ecuador

The Mezze Residence #2 skillfully incorporated the owners’ need for privacy and transparency into a cohesive and visually stunning design. With a sense of intimacy, tranquility, and harmony with nature.

Mezze House #2 Pichincha

What was the brief?
The goal was to design a private house in the Tumbaco Valley that would provide a sense of privacy while still connecting with the natural beauty of its surroundings. The clients desired a tranquil and inviting atmosphere that would incorporate avocado and lemon trees on the property and take advantage of the stunning views of the Ilaló volcano.

Mezze House #2 Pichincha

What were the key challenges?
The key challenges of the Mezze Residence #2 project included finding a way to balance the need for privacy with the desire to connect with the surrounding nature. Additionally, the design would need to take into account the local climate and provide adequate ventilation and lighting while still offering a comfortable and welcoming space for the owners.

Mezze House #2 Pichincha Ecuador

What were the solutions?
The solution for the Mezze Residence #2 project was to create a design that would seamlessly incorporate elements of the natural environment into the house while still providing a sense of privacy for the owners. The concrete facade with minimal openings suggests privacy, while the diagonal fold draws attention to the main entrance door. The interior design takes advantage of the stunning views and natural light, while the circulation of the house ensures privacy for the owners. Additionally, the design features a magnificent Magnolia tree and a “vertical” library to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house and create a welcoming and tranquil atmosphere.

Mezze House #2 Pichincha Ecuador

How is the project unique?
The Mezze Residence #2 offers a perfect balance of privacy and transparency while seamlessly integrating elements of the natural environment. The design is also unique in its attention to detail, with features such as the “vertical” library and magnificent Magnolia tree creating a welcoming and tranquil atmosphere.

Mezze House #2 Pichincha Ecuador

Mezze House #2 Pichincha

Mezze House #2 in Pichincha, Ecuador – Building Information

Architects: Najas Arquitectos –

Project size: 600 sqm
Site size: 1300 sqm
Completion date: 2021
Building levels: 2

Mezze House #2 Ecuador

Photographer: Sebastian Crespo

Mezze House #2, Pichincha, Ecuador images / information received 040423 from Najas Arquitectos

Location: Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador, South America

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