Concrete House, Pichincha, Ecuador

Concrete House Pichincha, Ecuador Real Estate, South American Property, Architecture Development Photos

Concrete House in Pichincha

23 Mar 2023

Architecture: A1 Arquitectura Avanzada

Location: Pichincha, Ecuador, South America

Concrete House Pichincha Ecuador

Photos by Simple Light

Concrete House, Ecuador

The Concrete House project is developed from the conformation of 2 independent programmatic elements. Between them an empty space is generated whose main function is to transmit specific sensory perceptions of tension, attraction and step.

Concrete House Pichincha Ecuador

The conceptual strategy of “volumetric tension” is used with the aim of guiding the users through 2 solid volumes in the front that progressively become transparent towards the rear garden.

Concrete House Pichincha Ecuador

The resulting object obtain a contrasting system between closed and open (without relation and total relation with the exterior space).

Concrete House Pichincha

Concrete House Ecuador

The outdoor living room space is used as the nucleus of the social spaces, being a flexible program it allows its partial or total integration with the rest of the spaces located on the ground floor, producing a sensation of spatial expansion and compression that the user can control in depending on their specific needs and activities.

Concrete House Ecuador

Concrete House Ecuador

The selection of materials is analyzed according to the properties that each one has and transmit to the users. The exposed concrete is mainly used to provide the feeling of “introverted” or private, while the combination of metal and glass produce the feeling of “extroverted” or social of family interaction.

Concrete House Ecuador Concrete House Ecuador

Volumetrically, there is a white cube that floats on the front façade and a concrete cube that is buried at the top of the rear façade. This strategy generates a programmatic and spatial contrast.

Concrete House Pichincha Concrete House Pichincha

In the house, a large amount of analysis was studied in order to enhance the sensory perceptions of expansion, compression of space through the creation of a series of horizontal, vertical and diagonal spatial relationships between the different programmatic spaces that compose it.

Concrete House Pichincha Ecuador

Concrete House Pichincha

Concrete House in Pichincha, Ecuador – Building Information

Architects: A1 Arquitectura Avanzada –

Project size: 450 sqm
Site size: 800 sqm
Project Budget: USD 330,000.00
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 2

Concrete House Pichincha Ecuador

Photographer: Simple Light –

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Location: Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador, South America

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