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Maple House in Chocaya

Contemporary Peruvian Residence design by Martín Dulanto Sangalli, South America

24 Feb 2015

Architect: Martín Dulanto Sangalli

Location: Chocaya, Cañete, Lima, Perú

The Maple House project is part of a personal exploration in which the house is designed as a big solid block, which has been excavated to create spaces within.

Maple House in Chocaya, Cañete

Photos by Juan Solano

Maple House in Chocaya, Perú

This particular construction is a “white box”, which has received several “cuts” through these we are able to appreciate the interior. In between the different volumes the inside has been designed to generate indoor living spaces with different characteristics.

The project has been divided in 4 different areas: The first one is the social area, followed by the bedrooms area, the service area and the terrace.

The social area is characteristic for representing a big and unique space that integrates the dining room, the living room and the kitchen in one, forming one big space that creates the illusion of being bigger than it really is.

This was created due to the fact that the terrain in which the house was constructed was limited. The main corner of the Maple house where the living room is situated lacks columns. This is meant to form the inside and the outside in one whole area, without obstacles.

The service area, however, is quite opaque intended to provide the privacy needed. This area is located in the center of the terrain, with specific overhead lighting.

The terrace on the second level is divided in 2 areas: The living room and grill area, and the pool and sunbathing area. The terrace is intended for social reunions and nature has played a significant role in creating the perimeter. It was important to avoid blocking the view with some railing.

Maple House in Chocaya – Building Information

Architecture: Arq. Martín Dulanto Sangalli
Contributors: Raúl Montesinos, Martha Leiva
Land Area: 144.00sqm
Covered Area: 126.20sqm
Location: Chocaya, Cañete, Lima, Perú
Construction: Atrio
Structures: Ing. Jorge Avendaño

Year Built: 2014
Landscaping: Daphne Gonzalez Orbegoso
Interior design: Arq. Martín Dulanto Sangalli

Photographs: Juan Solano

Maple House

Maple House in Chocaya images / information from Martín Dulanto Sangalli Architect

Location: Chocaya, Cañete, Lima, Peru, South America

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