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Peru Architecture News arranged chronologically:

28 Oct 2016
Universidad de Ingenieria y Tecnologia
Design: Grafton Architects with Shell Arquitectos
Universidad de Ingenieria y Tecnologia by Grafton Architects
photo : Iwan Baan
Universidad de Ingenieria y Tecnologia UTEC Lima

19 May 2014
Casa BK, Lima
Design: domenack arquitectos
Contemporary Lima House
image from architect
Contemporary Peruvian House
This building is located within the city and consists of a 2 level house, designed for a young couple with 3 children. The house is placed at the back end of the plot, with a longitudinal north-south orientation. This allows avoiding visual contact with neighbors, taking advantage of the views of the surrounding natural environment, and obtaining the correct ventilation, thermic comfort and luminosity control of the house.

13 Aug 2013
Wawa Pukllay Workshop, Cocla Valley
Design: AGA Estudio Creativo
Wawa Pukllay Peruvian Workshop
photo : Courtesy of Coporaque WorkTeam
Wawa Pukllay Workshop
Wawa Pukllay, which means children playing on Quechua, was the invitation of the Social Latin American Workshop 2013 consisting on taking advantage of specific places from different locations at the Colca Valley, to the creation of conditions that would enable the empowerment by a special user: children.

30 May 2013
Unbalance Hotel, Lima, Peru
Design: OOIIO Architecture
Unbalance Hotel Peru
image from architect
Unbalance Hotel
We have designed this singular hotel for a Latin American promoter interested in creating a unique, innovative and worldwide recognizable building with a moderate investment. The building is located in Lima, a city which is enjoying nowadays a constant growth. The plot is located in front of the Pacific Ocean, in a quiet area outside of the city centre, hanging on a cliff with a relative height that appears due to the proximity of the Andes to the Pacific Ocean.

2 May 2013
Loft Residence in Lima
Design: TheeAe LTD
Loft Building Lima
image from architect
Loft Residence Peru
The residential tower is to be a new prototype for one of the key residential areas in Lima, Peru. The major use for the units is for a single person (single, divorced, widow or a newly wedding couple) who wish to live in the coolest zone of San Isidro.

11 Mar 2013
Miraflores-Barranco Pedestrian Bridge, Lima
Design; OOIIO Architecture
Miraflores-Barranco Pedestrian Bridge Peru Architecture
image from architect
Peruvian Pedestrian Bridge
Lima Municipality proposes the connection between Miraflores and Barranco districts with an iconic pedestrian bridge over the deep natural gap called Bajada de Armendáriz, which ends just in front of Pacific Ocean.

31 May 2012
Sky Condos Lima
TABB Architecture
Sky Condos Lima Peru Architecture
image from architect
Sky Condos Lima
The projects design approach is panoramic visibility. Our main intuition is that the building should interact with the astonishing views of the Pacific Ocean and the promising Pezet Avenue. The result is an irregular extruded polygon to frame the main views. Natural light is also a crucial aspect of the design. Terraces, light well, internal gardens and transparent facades provide maximum efficiency for the buildings energy consumption. At night, the building becomes a urban lit lamp that pierce the landscape as a reference in the city skyline.

10 May 2012
Lima Residential Building

Lima Residential Building
picture from architects
Lima Residential Building
Seeking to maximize both inherent and juxtaposed potentials, the project initiates development through the formation of typological clusters, each exhibiting its own distinct performative sustainable agenda.

11 Jun 2011
Maquinarias Service Center Design Competition, Peru
Peruvian Architecture Competition

Recent Peruvian Building Designs

House in La Encantada, Lima, central Peru
Artadi Arquitecto
House in La Encantada Peru Architecture
photo : Elsa Ramirez
House in La Encantada
This Project involves a single-family townhouse at La Encantada, a suburb on the Lima shoreline. Given its sub-urban nature, the house design is nourished with the purpose of seeking the strongest relationship between the property’s constructed space and its indoor garden.

1 apr 2011
Desert Beach House, Pacific coast of Peru
Artadi Arquitecto
Desert House Peru Architecture
image from architect
Desert Beach House Peru
Recent design of a beach house located in the desert coast of Peru. The project is located at 125 km south of Lima city in a beach named “Las Palmeras”. The house is organized into three levels: the first level contains all service areas, garage and guest rooms; the second level comprises the house principal rooms; and the third one is intended to be the social areas: kitchen, living-room, dining-room, terrace and swimming pool.

Peruvian Buildings

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Peruvian Architecture. Buildings are mostly located on the Pacific coast of Peru, around Lima. We aim to include Peruvian buildings / projects that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

Key Peruvian Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Casa en Playa, Cañete, Lima, central Peru (west coast)

Artadi Arquitecto
Casa en Playa
image from architect
Casa en Playa

Casa Las Arenas, Lima

Artadi Arquitecto
Casa en Playa en Las Arenas Peru Architecture
photo : Alexander Kornhuber
Casa Las Arenas

Edificio Costa Blanca, Miraflores, Lima Province

Artadi Arquitecto
Edificio Costa Blanca Miraflores Peru Architecture
image from architect
Edificio Costa Blanca

Interbank Headquarters, Lima

Hans Hollein Architects

Lima Housing – 32 Dwellings
Architects: Filipe Lemos
Lima Housing
image from architect
Peruvian Housing design

PREVI Housing, Lima
Aldo van Eyck

Tanatorio Chapel & Crematory Jardines de La Paz, Villa El Salvador, Lima

Metropolis – Architects
Peru Architecture
chapel picture from Metropolis
Lima Building

More Peruvian Architecture projects online soon

Location: Peru, South America

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