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Desert Coast House Peru : Peruvian Waterfront Residence

Contemporary South American Property design by Artadi Arquitecto

1 Apr 2011

Design: Artadi Arquitecto

Desert Coast House Peru  waterfront residence

Photos: Elsa Ramirez

Coast House Peru on Waterfront

Peruvian Waterfront Property

Recent design of a beach house located in the desert coast of Peru by architect Javier Artadi – photos featured on e-architect a few weeks ago but now with text and more images, 12 Jun 2011

Desert Coast House Peru residence

Beach house in “Las Palmeras”

This contemporary Peruvian residential project is located at 125 km south of Lima city in a beach named “Las Palmeras”.

Desert Coast House Peru  property

The house is organized into three levels: the first level contains all service areas, garage and guest rooms; the second level comprises the house principal rooms; and the third one is intended to be the social areas: kitchen, living-room, dining-room, terrace and swimming pool.

Desert Coast House Peru  home

The underlying conceptual proposal seeks to reduce to the minimum the architectonic shapes and forms so as to concentrate all the sight-seeing force on the upper volume, principal figure which seems to be wishing to float over the other levels of the house.

Desert Coast House Peru Desert Coast House Peru Desert Coast House Peru
images : Elsa Ramirez

Beach House in Las Palmeras – further Information

This project consist of a weekend house located on a beach 100 Km. south of Lima, the capital city of Peru.

The beach place is a portion of the almost 2,000 Km. length of Peruvian coast-line, a very peculiar desert with no extreme temperatures and almost no showers.

This lack of rains has made it possible for local pre-Columbia constructions of sun-dried mud-made bricks with external smooth finishing lasting for centuries.

This so-called “liquid architecture” is also present in modern times in the use of concrete and cement, by obtaining results similar to those obtained with mud-made bricks; that is, an expression of pure and continuous matter and surface.

As in all my previous projects rendered along the Peruvian coast, have sought this characteristic to be reflected in the most conspicuous portion of the design of the house.

Conceptually, the house is kind of a tray in white which seems to be suspended on a stone pedestal.

The materiality of this major feature is an object fully reflecting smoothness and purity resulting from fine finishing in hand-made cement covering.

The internal distribution of the house is matched with the volumes comprising it: a first level used for service areas and garage; a second level (acting as a hinge) where bedrooms are found; and a third level intended for the social areas: living room, dining room, terrace and swimming pool.

The project is also intended to establish a very direct relation with the nature, with earth, heaven and sea. Also, while a person goes up through the interior, transparent staircase allows inhabitants to view the backyard hill, made of stone and sand, and one on the third level, a carefully studied terrace allows for the connection between heaven and the sea horizon.

Ultimately, the house reminds us of the human presence within a natural environment in the form of a simple and primary geometry that contrast with the beautiful landscape of the desert Peruvian coast-line.

Javier Artadi 2011

Las Palmeras Desert Coast House Peru Las Palmeras House Beach House Las Palmeras Las Palmeras Beach House
images : Elsa Ramirez

Beach house in “Las Palmeras – Building Information

Formal Name Of Building: Beach House In “las Palmeras”
Location: Cerro Azul – Lima – Peru
Completion Date: 2011
Gross Square Meters: 348.00 Sqm
Architect’s Firm Name: Architect Javier Artadi
Photographer: Elsa Ramirez

Peruvian Desert House images / information from Artadi Arquitecto

Artadi Arquitecto

Location: Cerro Azul, Lima, Peru, South America

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