Toluca House, Mexican Residence

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Toluca House, Mexico Property

Mexican Residence design by FREE | Fernando Romero EnterprisE, Mexico

30 Oct 2014

Soccer Villa / Toluca House

Design: FREE | Fernando Romero EnterprisE Architects

Location: Toluca de Lerdo, state capital of Mexico State

Toluca House

Toluca House was conceived by the desire of the client to have a location outside the city where friends and family can get together to play, watch and live the Mexican national sport, soccer. The concept was originated with the idea of having a large structure that hovers above the house, where a massive box integrates the most with its surrounding protecting the existing vegetation; the solution for this was to embed the volume into the mountain creating a great view of the landscape.

The wooden surface of the house seems to be floating, while the green roof acts as a rainwater concentrator. Generous spaces allow events to be organized with plenty of guests in an extremely rational plan, which contains a living room, dining room, play area, movie projection room, spa, kitchen, and a vast.

01_Toluca House_photo by Adam Wiseman

For the client as for our office was a priority to create a sustainable and green house. FREE | Fernando Romero EnterprisE Architects decided to have a green roof with native plants and a facility for collecting rainwater which is then used for irrigation as well as provision of toilets. The orientation of the house allows for maximum energy savings. FREE | Fernando Romero EnterprisE Architects decided to apply the same rational criteria for selection of materials in which predominate wood, steel and glass.

One of the main characteristic of building is the large window that affords a panoramic view onto the field and valley. Also the interior vertical gardens located in the main hall to allow a natural link between the interior and exterior.

LAR /Museo Soumaya

Soccer Villa / Toluca House – Building Information

Name: Toluca House / Soccer Villa

Client: Private
Location: Toluca, Mexico

Program: Housing / Sports

Size: 622 sqm

LAR /Museo Soumaya


Design team: Fernando Romero, Mauricio Ceballos, Raymundo Zamora

Structural design: Muñoz y asociados

Landscape design: Ambiente arquitectos

Ligthing design: Luz en arquitectura

Furniture: Ezequiel Farca

Green walls: Verde vertical

Acoustics: Saad acústica


LAR /Casa Club Toluca

LAR /Casa Club Toluca



10_TOLUCA HOUSE_Solar Diagram_01

11_TOLUCA_Water Diagram_01


FR-EE/Fernando Romero Enterprise

FREE | Fernando Romero EnterprisE based in New York + Mexico

Soccer Villa / Toluca House Mexico images / information from FREE | Fernando Romero EnterprisE Architects

Location: Toluca de Lerdo, México, North America

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