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Architecture in Mexico

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Mexican Architecture. We aim to include strong, interesting Mexican architecture projects. We cover completed Mexican buildings and architecture competitions across Mexico.

We have 5 pages of Mexican Architecture Designs with links to hundreds of individual project pages for specific buildings in México.

Mexican Architecture : news + key projects (this page)

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Soumaya Museum Mexico City
image from architect
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Mexican Building News

Architecture in Mexico – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

3 Oct 2013
Elena Garro Cultural Center, Coyoacán, México D.F.
Design: arquitectura 911sc
Elena Garro Cultural Center Building
photo : Jaime Navarro
This building is located in the historical district of Coyoacan in the southern part of Mexico City honoring the memory of the Mexican author. The development faces the task of preserving a heritage-listed house of the beginning of the 20th Century and transforming it into a multi-activity cultural center.

3 Oct 2013
Jaime Garcia Terres Library, Mexico City
Design: arquitectura 911sc
Jaime Garcia Terres Library Building
photo : Jaime Navarro
The project is part of the ‘City of Books’, a project by the Mexican Secretary of Culture to acquire the personal book collections of the most relevant Mexican writers and intellectuals of the 20th Century and commissioning architects the design of each personal library to be housed within La Ciudadela, an 18th Century building in the central part of Mexico City.

25 Sep 2013
Vinícola Cuna de Tierra, Guanajuato, central México
Design: CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica
Cuna de Tierra Winery Building
photo : Estudio Urquiza
Using the winery’s name as a concept driver (Cuna de Tierra) and its connection to the context, the design process explores the relationship between wine development, the site, the user and the main material in use; poured soil, which indeed completes the necessities required in such program.

27 Aug 2013
Hermosillo Building, north west Mexico
Design: TABB Architecture, Architects
Hermosillo Building
photo from architects
“What do you expect entering a building? This space was designed for 3 Metal Mgmt and Laser cutting expert companies. Immediately we knew this background had to be exploited and incorporated with their new image. Every element was designed by the TABB; form the furniture to the rug layout.

21 Aug 2013
Cumbres Doce, Cancun, east Mexico
Design: SOSTUDIO / Sergio Orduña Architects
Cumbres Doce Cancun
photo : Daniela Rangel
Cumbres Doce is an investment Project located on a great boom-zone in downtown Cancun. It consists of five separate houses, surveillance booth and access control to the housing development.

19 Aug 2013
Casa Gomez, Cancun
Design: SOSTUDIO / Sergio Orduna Architects
Casa Gomez Mexico
photo from architect
The project “Casa Gòmez” was developed and built by SOSTUDIO between 2011 and 2012 in the residential area at the Puerto Cancun development. By an approach to the deconstructive architecture, the design is organized by combining interior and exterior areas as a single space through big hidable windows, thus favouring the main views to the canal and the hotel zone of Cancun.

7 Aug 2013
Element Studios México City – Flexible and Spontaneous Work Systems – Award
Design: Manadaº Architecture
Element Studios México
photo from architects
“In 30 or 40 years we will be amazed to see how un-livable where the office spaces of today.”
– Jean Nouvel
In the last decades there has been a degeneration of the “Action Office”, a model generated in the 60‘s by Rob-ert Propst, resulting on a series of homogeneous, universal, anonymous and repetitive spaces, which form a deficient spatial response for today’s working space needs.

Recent Architecture in Mexico

14 Jun 2013
Santa Maria del Mar Basilica, Cancun City, eastern Mexico
Design: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Santa Maria del Mar Basilica
image by architects
Santa Maria del Mar Basilica
sanzpont [arquitectura] are an architecture firm located in Mexico and Spain. This is their latest project, the 2nd place winner of the competition for Cancun City Basilica, Santa Maria del Mar.
“When designing a basilica one must offer an official religious public building for the liturgical celebration and the adoration of the lord, a sacred space that provides purity, protection and serenity which by tradition is achieved by a standard of identity, top esthetic beauty, symmetry and proportion.”

27 May 2013
House eR2, Zapopan, state of Jalisco, Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, western Mexico
Design: em-estudio
House eR2 Mexico
photo : Ivan Esqueda
House eR2
The project emerged with the idea of taking advantage of the views from the residence to the eucalyptus forest that is located adjacent to the plot. A section is extracted from the volume of the house to create a central patio where an existing Eucalyptus is preserved; and the detached volume generates a body on the side to create the main entrance of the residence.

3 Apr 2013
Foro Ciel, Mexico City
Design: Rojkind arquitectos + AGENT
Foro Ciel Mexico
picture : Jaime Navarro
Foro Ciel Mexico City
As part of an ongoing collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company, Rojkind Arquitectos together with AGENT worked on the design of Foro Ciel, the physical space which will house the content for the Transformadora Ciel programs. The building emerged from a dull space – flat roof and helipad – into a productive co-working center, surrounded by green areas.

28 Apr 2011
Museo Soumaya
FREE | Fernando Romero EnterprisE
Soumaya Museum Mexican Architecture
image from architect
Museo Soumaya

Mexican Architecture

Selection of Mexican Architecture, alphabetical:

Arango Residence, Acapulco
John Lautner
Acapulco house Mexican Architecture
photo : Sara Sackner
Acapulco house

Ave Fenix, Mexico City
at. 103 + bgp arquitectura
Mexican Fire Station
photo : Jaime Navarro
Mexican Fire Station

Campus Biometropolis, Mexico City
Foster + Partners
Campus Biometropolis México
photo : Nigel Young
Campus Biometropolis masterplan

Chapel in Zamora, Michoacán
Di Vece Arquitectos
Chapel in Zamora Mexican Architecture
photo from architects
Chapel in Zamora

La Estancia Chapel
Bunker Arquitectura
Mexican chapel
photo : Megs Inniss
Mexican chapel

Museo del Acero, Monterrey
Grimshaw Architects
Museum of Steel Monterrey - Mexican Architecture
image from Grimshaw
Museo del Acero building

Museum – Memory + Tolerance, Mexico City
Arditti + RDT Architects
Museum of Memory and Tolerance Mexico
photo : Arq. Arturo Arditti
Museum of Memory and Tolerance Mexico

Nestlé Application Group, Queretaro
Michel Rojkind Arquitectos
Nestlé Application Group Queretaro Mexican Architecture
photo © Paúl Rivera/
Nestlé Building Queretaro

New Tamayo Museum
BIG + Rojkind Arquitectos
New Tamayo Museum
picture : Glessner Group
New Tamayo Museum building

Ruta del Peregrino Lookout
HHF architects
Ruta del Peregrino Mexican Architecture
image from HHF
Ruta del Peregrino

Santa Maria housing, Valle de Bravo
Santa Maria housing - Mexican Architecture
picture : Fernando Cordero
Santa Maria housing

Sunset Chapel, Acapulco
Bunker Arquitectura
Sunset Chapel Acapulco
picture : Esteban Suárez
Sunset Chapel

Tori-Tori Restaurant, Mexico City
Michel Rojkind Arquitectos
Tori-Tori Restaurant
image © Glessner Group
Tori-Tori Restaurant

Torre BBVA-Bancomer, Mexico City
RSH+P with Legorreta + Legorreta
Torre BBVA Bancomer
image from architect
Torre BBVA-Bancomer

Torre Cube – Office tower, Guadalajara
Carme Pinós
Torre Cube Mexico
photograph : Lourdes Grobet
Torre Cube

W Hotels, Mexico City + Kanai
Richard Meier & Partners Architects
W Hotel Kanai
rendering :
W Hotels Mexico

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picture from architects

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picture from contest organiser
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