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Enso II House in Guanajuato

17 July 2023

Architects: HW Studio

Location: Guanajuato, México

Enso II House Guanajuato Mexico

Photos by Cesar Bejar

Enso II, Mexico

HW Studio is proud to present Enso II, a small home designed in the image of its natural surroundings in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Enso II House Guanajuato Mexico

Enso II House Mexico

Following extensive historical research, it was concluded that there are few places in Mexico with a constructive identity as strong as Guanajuato. That finding is clearly reflected in its architecture, traditional kitchen utensils, aqueducts, legends, and even heroes like Pípila, who carries a large rock on his back to protect his regiment against bullets.

Enso II House Guanajuato Mexico

In the region around Guanajuato, stone is an element deeply rooted in all forms of cultural expression. Accordingly, the material for this architectural piece was easily selected. In addition, there was a materials bank and capable labor nearby; a dialogue of respect between the artifice and its environment was encouraged. The entire complex is organized on the basis of a cruciform plan; thus, the space is divided into four quadrants by a cross of stone alleys defining the paths, framing all moments, and separating one quadrant from the other.

Enso II House Guanajuato Mexico

Once divided, a “vocation” was assigned to each of these quadrants: the lower right quadrant receives the inhabitants upon their arrival; it has the vocation of housing an endemic garden that reinforces, protects, and welcomes living beings and humans.

Enso II House Mexico

Enso II House Mexico

The second quadrant hosts the cars; special care was taken to the trees during construction, as they would provide shade to protect the cars from the sun. To top it off, a long, barely arched stone wall protects the entrance, avoids looking inside the house, and emphasizes the horizontal presence of the mountain in the background.

Enso II House Guanajuato

In the third quadrant, there is a one-bedroom house; the public spaces are separated from the private ones by a single volume containing bathrooms, a dressing room, and a service area, which breaks with the open floor plan.

Enso II House Guanajuato

The fourth quadrant houses the office; this is the only visibly prominent vertical element that contrasts with the horizontality of the landscape and the rest of the elements, a gesture that flirts with the iconic volumes of the Santa Brígida mine in Mineral de Pozos.

Enso II House Guanajuato Mexico

The dispersion of these spaces forces a permanent pilgrimage between spaces; it forces contact with the earth, the air, and the mountain, like an ancient monastery framing the landscape, but at the same time forming a natural part of it.

Enso II House Guanajuato Mexico

Enso II House in Guanajuato, Mexico – Building Information

Architects: HW STUDIO – https://www.hw-studio.com/
Contact e-mail: [email protected] Facebook: @hwstudioarquitectos Instagram: @hwstudioarq

Location: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. México Google maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/5trwbJpnUQJJK7XYA Completion Year: 2023
Size: 195.80 sqm

Lead Architect: Rogelio Vallejo Bores
Architect: Oscar Didier Ascencio Castro
Team: Nik Zaret Cervantes Ordaz
Clients: Cem Turgu y Adriana Alegria
Budget: 300,000.00 USD
Photo credits: Cesar Bejar Photographer’s

Enso II House Mexico Enso II House Mexico

Enso II House Guanajuato Enso II House Guanajuato

About HW Studio
HW Studio is an architectural studio created in Morelia, Mexico in 2018, at the peak of a violent outbreak in the country. The studio emerged with the purpose of stimulating and involving eastern and western artistic and philosophical principles in architectural processes to recreate spaces that evoked and promoted the country’s threatened peace.

HW Studio begins its projects with a deep study of the client, the place, and the firm itself, based on a meditation technique that facilitates space creation and design to convey a sense of serenity, tranquility, and silence in an increasingly noisy and violent world. Such a proposal avoids arbitrary and selfish responses.

HW Studio constantly seeks to promote an appreciation of what really matters in life, eliminating the non-essential from architecture to reach levels of inner peace through conscious contemplation. The studio conceives and strives to create architecture that pauses the mind and introduces silence, where small glimpses of peace can be found.

The name, HW Studio, comes from the union of letter H, which in Spanish is considered the silent letter, and thus the graphic representation of silence, and the letter W, that comes from the Japanese concept Wabi Sabi. The latter is a concept best left unexplained, as language is the enemy of understanding.

Enso II House Guanajuato

Photography: Cesar Bejar

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Location: Guanajuato, México, North America

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