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post updated 6 August 2021

Kuwait Architecture News

Kuwait Architectural News in 2018 – 2021
Kuwaiti Architecture Designs – chronological list

6 Aug 2021
DUNAS Desert Hotel
Architects: Jasper Architects
Dunas Desert Hotel Kuwait design by Jasper Architects
image © Jasper Architects
DUNAS Desert Hotel
Jasper Architects announced winning an international design competition for a hotel located in Kuwait, a country of 4.2 million people that is largely a desert.

2 Jun 2020
Shift Lagree Studio

27 Jan 2020
Three Gardens House, Messila, South East Kuwait City
Design: AGi architects
Three Gardens House
Photograph : Fernando Guerra FG+SG
Three Gardens House
It all started with a question: Are you able to design an outside space that can be used 365 days a year? For moderate climates such as the Spanish it seems quite simple, but in the case of an extreme weather like that of Kuwait it was necessary to think about new strategies.

17 Jan 2020
Mishref Home for Two Brothers in Kuwait City

7 Jan 2020
Tru3 Yoga Studio Ras Salmiyah

21 Oct 2019
Wafra Tower, Hessa Al Mubarak District
Architects: OMA and Pace
Wafra Tower Kuwait City
image courtesy of OMA
Wafra Tower
OMA / Iyad Alsaka and Reinier de Graaf, in collaboration with Kuwait-based consultant Pace as a local partner, have revealed their design for the Wafra Tower, a residential tower in the Hessa Al Mubarak District along the Kuwait City waterfront.

5 Oct 2019
Invisible Kuwait Lecture
Rafael S. Portillo is to give a lecture about his work “Invisible Kuwait” for a RIBA symposium in Kuwait, on October 14.
Invisible Kuwait Happiness in the City: Redesigning Urban Living
The event is called Happiness in the City: Redesigning Urban Living and takes place at the Regency Hotel in Salmiya.
More information can be found here: www.artificialkreativity.com
Rafael S. Portillo is participating along with KFAS, Kuwait University College of Architecture, PACE, RIBA, OMA, and 12 other speakers during this day long event.
Tickets and event information can be found here: http://www.pace-me.com/happycities

Kuwait Building News 2018

10 Oct 2018
Rock House, Abdulla Al Salem
Design: AGi architects
Rock House in Kuwait
photography : Nelson Garrido
New Home in Abdulla Al Salem
The concept stems from a controversial duality imposed by the clients need for complete privacy as well as the desire for distinguishing the house into an iconic building from within the neighborhood.

30 Jun 2018
Wind Tower Salmiya Shortlisted at World Architecture Festival 2018 Awards

Wind Tower in Salmiya is one of 536 shortlisted entries across 81 countries:

World Architecture Festival Awards 2018 Shortlist

12 Mar 2018
Areia Homes, Sabah Alahmed Alsabah Maritime City, Al Khiran, southern Kuwait
Design: AAP Associated Architects Partnership
Areia Homes in Al Khiran
photography : João Morgado
New Homes in Al Khiran
This residential project expands the length of available shoreline, bringing the sea into the desert. The five new residences face the new inner canals overlooking the sea. The series of canals are ‘anchored’ by docks and marinas and activated by many other recreational activities.

13 Feb 2018
Nirvana Home, Mesillah, south east Kuwait
Design: AGi architects
Nirvana Home in Kuwait
photography : Fernando Guerra FG+SG
New Home in Mesillah
Another large luxurious home on The Gulf coast by this Spanish – Kuwaiti architecture studio. This home has a whole ground floor dedicated to socialising, for the gathering of family and friends. Elegant spaces detach from the surroundings and interconnect through a series of courtyards.

10 Feb 2018
Al Hamra Tower Building Photos
Al Hamra Tower Kuwait City Skyscraper
photograph © Adrian Welch, architect
Al Hamra Tower and NBK Tower

5th International Green Roof Congress, Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait City
17th and 18th February 2018
This event will focus on successful solutions for sustainable urban development.

Kuwait Building News 2017

28 Nov + 29 Jul 2017
Wind Tower Salmiya, Kuwait City
Design: AGi architects
Wind Tower Salmiya Kuwait Building News
image courtesy of architects
Wind Tower Salmiya
Wafra Vertical Housing introduces a new concept to urban living that adapts to the evolving lifestyle of 21st Century contemporary Kuwait. Considering the increasing demand for land in the city, the transformation of single family dwelling typologies becomes a must, where tenants should be able to enjoy privacy as well as benefit from vertical solution amenities and prime location.

30 Nov 2017
Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre Building, Arabian Gulf Street, Salmiya, Kuwait City
Architects: SSH
Sheikh Abdullah al Salem Cultural Centre Kuwait Building News
photography : SSH
Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre Building
The upcoming Kuwaiti museum complex, the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre (ASCC), was named Public Building of the Year at the prestigious ABB LEAF Awards 2017.

30 Oct 2017
Architects: Designlab Experience
Mise-en-Scene Kuwait Building News
photo : Roberto Conte
Mise-en-Scene Kuwait
The latest in a series of spectacular events designed and produced by Dubai-based Designlab Experience (DLE), took place in Kuwait. The creative starting point for the production – a private wedding celebration – was the ambience and energy of a Broadway show, in which the guests would feel that they were participants. This determined the staging of the event ‘in the round’, with the bride’s kosha (dais) at the centre, doubling as a stage for the entertainment, which was woven seamlessly into the evening’s programme.

13 Aug 2017
Crystal Tower, Kuwait City
Design: HOK, Architects

This 52-storey building features a “delicate balance of sharp, angular forms of glass and metal”, according to the architects, rises from the city skyline in the Al Sharq district of Kuwait City.

This is one of the most interesting new skyscrapers in the city, mainly due to the unusual open-air sky atrium at mid-tower height. The effect is mesmerizing, a slender skyscraper with a huge hole in its middle! The only similar building I can think of is Arquitectonica’s famous Miami apartment block, but the proportions here are very different.

“The design contrasts with the solidity and sweeping contours of the HOK-designed InterContinental Mixed-Use Tower several blocks away. Composed of sloped glass and metal panel curtain wall, the tower features elegant, slender proportions and a compact floor plate.”

The Crystal Tower building includes 45 stories of office space, with a multi-level stone and glass podium at the ground level housing a three-story entrance atrium, retail spaces, building services and two levels of underground parking.

A 20-m-tall steel truss spire atop the tower emphasizes the building’s dynamic asymmetrical composition.

22 May 2017
Kuwait University, Central Administration Facilities, Shadadiyah
Design: SOM / Pace
Kuwait University, Central Administration Facilities, Shadadiyah
image courtesy of Pace
Kuwait University, Central Administration Facilities
This building design employs a unique shading system to overcome extreme heat. The architectural design ensures each building retains an original and culturally appropriate identity.

19 Apr 2017
Central Bank of Kuwait Building
Dates built: 2005-17
Design: HOK (London) with Pace (Kuwait)

This 240m-high building has become a new landmark on Kuwait City’s skyline, acting as a symbol of the country’s significant economic power and contribution to the region.

Central Bank of Kuwait tower Central Bank of Kuwait Building News

Central Bank of Kuwait Building

10 Mar 2017
Al- Sawaber Complex Demolition News

Inner City Megastructure by Canadian architect and urban planner Arthur Erickson

Final warning to Sawaber residents in Modernist Housing Complex

Modern housing in Kuwait City

The State property department announced that Al- Sawaber complex must be evacuated starting next week under the administrative evacuation law, reports the Friday Times today.

Modern housing Kuwait Building News

State property department gave residents of 15 flats, whose owners are refusing to hand over three days to process transactions related to reclaiming and receive their financial dues.

Modern housing in Kuwait City

For years, the government has sought means of emptying the complex of residents in order to have it demolished.

Modern housing in Kuwait City

The Cabinet issued a decree for the removal of all remaining residents by March 31, 2016.

Modern Kuwait Building News

Built in 1981 with designs by famed Canadian architect and urban planner Arthur Erickson, Al-Sawaber represents a distinct architectural, economic and cultural period in Kuwaiti history.

Modern housing in Kuwait City

The residential building complex is one of the first high density complexes in the country.

Modern housing in Kuwait City

The low-cost homes are located on approximately 245,000 square meters of prime real estate property in the heart of Kuwait’s financial district.

Modern housing in Kuwait City

The complex includes 33 buildings and over 520 residential apartments.

Modern housing in Kuwait City

Arthur Erickson designed many large concrete buildings. For me the one that stands out as a megastructure is his University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.

Megastructures were popular building types in the 1960s and 1970s. On e-architect we have posts on buildings in Cumbernauld (Scotland), Beer Sheba (Israel) and Hulme, Manchester (England).

Le Corbusier designed a number of megastructures in Marseille, Berlin and Paris.

Arthur Erickson Architect

Modern housing in Kuwait City

source: http://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/final-warning-sawaber-residents/

Another major building designed by Arthur Erickson in the Middle East is the Etisalat Tower, Baniyas Road, Dubai, UAE (1986), the so-called ‘golf ball tower’.

Another major 20th Century building in the city centre:

The Kuwait National Assembly Building, designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon in 1972:
Kuwait National Assembly Building

Kuwait Building Photos
Central Bank of Kuwait new building

10 Mar 2017
Kuwait International Airport Building News
Design: Foster + Partners
Kuwait International Airport Building
image : Foster + Partners
Kuwait International Airport
A project to build a new terminal in Kuwait International Airport will now be completed in four years.

2 Mar 2017
Three Gardens House, Messila, South East Kuwait City
Design: AGi architects
Three Gardens House
photograph : Fernando Guerra FG+SG
Luxury Kuwaiti Residence

Kuwait Building News Archive

Kuwait Architecture Photos

Kuwait Skyscraper Building Photos
Kuwait Skyscraper Buildings

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center
Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center Kuwait: JACC

National Bank of Kuwait Tower
National Bank of Kuwait Building

Al Hamra Tower
Al Hamra Tower Building

Kipco Tower Building
Kipco Tower building

Al Tijaria Tower
Al Tijaria Tower

Al Shaheed Park in the evening, with Al Tijaria Tower beyond:
Al Tijaria Tower
Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait

Kuwait City skyscraper buildings:
Kuwait City skyscraper buildings
Kuwait Skyscarper Building Photos

Kuwait Towers
Kuwait Towers building

Nogra Complex – Hawally shopping centre interior:
Hawally shopping centre interior

Modern building in Hawally:
Modern building in Hawally

Building on Oman Street:
Building on Oman Street

Elegant pared down styling at Kuwait police office building on Soor Street:
Kuwait police office building on Soor Street

Modernist building in Hawally:
PACE building in Hawally

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center Kuwait: JACC News

6 Feb 2017
KUNA report that Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD)’s teams have put out the fire that broke out earlier in Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center in Kuwait city on Monday, without human losses or injuries. Five departments of the directorate took part in controlling the blaze at JACC that caused only material damage in the area.

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center in Kuwait Building Fire

Kuwait Architectural Photos

16 Jan 2017

A selection of architectural images from this Middle Eastern country at the top of The Gulf:

Liberation Tower:
Liberation Tower Kuwait City

Kuwaiti Architecture Updates 2016

8 Dec 2016

A revisit to this elegant Jabriya residential building in a Modern style:

Kuwait residential building in Modern style

Kuwait apartment building in Modern style

4 Dec 2016

Kuwait City Architecture Photos

Olympia Mall in north east Salmiya:
Kuwait City Architecture

Stylish new office building in Jabriya:
Kuwait Architecture

New building on Amr Bin Al Aas St in Salmiya:
Kuwait Architecture

Nogra complex in Hawally:
Kuwait City Architecture

Kuwait City Building

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwaiti Architecture

Kuwaiti Buildings – Selection

Al Hamra Firdous Tower project, Kuwait City
Design: SOM Architects
Kuwait City Tower

Al Sharq Tower Building
Architects: Atkins
Al Sharq Tower

Website: Kuwait

City of Silk, Subbiya, Kuwait Bay
Design: Eric Kuhne & Associates
City of Silk

The Avenues Kuwait City

Kuwait Cultural Centre

Mop House

S Cube Chalet

Secret House

Dubai Architecture Designs – chronological list

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