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Pixel House in Kuwait City

23 October 2023

Design: AGi architects

Location: Kuwait City

Pixel House Kuwait City Middle East

Photos by Nelson Garrido

Pixel House, Kuwait

Nasser Abulhasan and Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea face all AGi architects projects with a process of empathy and approach to the concerns of each client and, in this case, the clients required a simple place that would serve as an extension of their own personality.

Pixel House Middle East

Pixel House Middle East

The plot was in unbeatable condition, adjoining on three of its sides with public accesses and a particularly pronounced setback on one of its sides, which allowed the construction of a wide landscape that served as scenery for the enjoyment of the home.

Pixel House Middle East

The house has been conceived as a system of privacy and temperature filters. Through these filters, the spaces are pixelated to generate new uses depending on the inhabitants and the external conditions.

Pixel House Kuwait City Middle East

The main filter is the garden, with native species that serve as a first barrier to the warm air and the retention of the sandy dust that often travels through the Kuwaiti sky. This first filter is followed by the pool, which is covered with a perforated slab that, over time, will be covered with climbing plants and make the ground-floor space a perfect place to rest during autumn, winter and spring nights.

Pixel House Kuwait City Middle East

Pixel House Kuwait Middle East

The closed, air-conditioned space, where the living rooms next to the garden area are located, has openings to the shaded outdoor space, minimizing heat gain caused by solar radiation. These spaces, which are fundamental during the day of home’s inhabitants, flow vertically to join through a space made up of a customized multi-purpose piece of furniture, which forms the heart of the house and wraps around the main staircase leading to the most private area.

Pixel House Kuwait Middle East

As is typical of traditional culture in Kuwait, the meeting area for friends and visitors (diwaniya) is located in the most public part of the house, near the entrance, and is divided into outdoor areas, where nightlife is organised, and indoor areas, where they can meet any day at any time. This is the most private pixel.

Pixel House Kuwait Middle East

The courtyards act as thermal filters towards the interior of the house. Depending on how the spaces that surround them are opened and closed, they function as a convector that takes the hot air and expels it from the house.

Pixel House Kuwait

The exterior finishes have always been executed following the same concept of the house, pixelation, with white ceramic and aluminium lattices perforated by small squares that allow the passage of filtered light and ensure the privacy of the owners in the most sensitive areas.

Pixel House Kuwait

Pixel House Kuwait

Pixel House in Kuwait City, Middle East – Building Information

Architecture Design: AGi Architects – AGi architects
Name: Pixel House
Type: Residential: 800 sqm
Location: Kuwait
Date: 2023
Client: Private
Cost: Confidential

Pixel House Kuwait

AGi architects
Main Architects: Nasser B. Abulhasan
Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea
Design Project Leader: Carmen Sagredo
On-site Project Leader: Lulu Alawadhi
Project Team: Daniel Muñoz
Antonio Villodres
Gustavo Abelenda
Cristina Martínez
Site Team: Yasmeen Hamouda
Lulwa AlFudala
Sarah AlRukhayyes
Babu Abraham
Eugene Torralba
Abdulhafiz Bahi El Din
Haroon Abdulaziz
Mohamad Trad
Vinil Killikat
Robert Varghese
Abhilash Thilakan
Naseeba Chalathoor
Sonia George

Pixel House Middle East

Engineering: Gogaite Ingenieros Consultores Estructuras – Alfonso Redondo
Ingeniería Instalaciones Bimgenia
Lighting design: Lara Elbaz
Landscape design: Mar Armengol

Pixel House Middle East

Photography: Nelson Garrido

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