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KitKat House in Kuwait

31 January 2024

Design: AlHumaidhi Architects

Location: Kuwait, Persian Gulf, Middle East

KitKat House Kuwait Persian Gulf

Photos: Nelson Garrido

KitKat House, Kuwait

KitKat House is a beachside retreat built for an extended family and their guests. The house is made up of finger-like masses that break and shift in relation to one another, accommodating different functions and creating pockets of greenery, as well as circulation passages.

KitKat House Kuwait Persian Gulf

The aim was to design multiple residential units to occupy this typical beachside property. KitKat House is 121 m in length with a sea frontage of only 19.8 m. The units range in scale from two-story 5-bedroom residences to single-room detached guest suites.

KitKat House Kuwait Persian Gulf

Design decisions for KitKat House were driven by the challenge of providing as many chances for sea, pool, or courtyard views to the different living units on the plot while maintaining direct access and privacy for each. Located on the eastern end of the plot, the main house enjoys direct beachside views and access; to the west, the house has additional views and connections with the pool and central courtyard.

KitKat House Kuwait

The second unit farther west also benefits from direct views and access to the courtyard and pool. Additionally, two single-story guest suites are located along the southern edge of the courtyard and look onto private, landscaped garden spaces. These suites have direct access to the pool from the shaded circulation spine which acts as the primary pathway throughout the property, guiding guests from the parking area in the far west all the way to the main beach house in the east and the units in between.

KitKat House Kuwait

Externally, the structures are cladded up to a level of 4 meters in rough brick with the remaining façade finished in white render.
Kit Kat House addresses a number of relevant social and environmental criteria that are all too often overlooked locally in residential architecture. It tackles the design challenges often associated with accommodating a return to multi-generational living within relatively restricted land parcels.

KitKat House Kuwait

The design provides a balanced approach to individual privacy within the family without compromising on the quality of the overall architecture and more so on the quality of the shared spaces and the accessibility afforded to the different users.

KitKat House Kuwait

The design borrows from a rich regional vernacular and constructively builds upon it to develop solutions such as mini courtyards and pools of water for cross ventilation strategies. The house is partially cladded with locally produced brick to reduce purchase and transport costs.

KitKat House Kuwait

KitKat House Kuwait Middle East

KitKat House in Kuwait, Persian Gulf – Building Information

Project team: AlHumaidhi Architects –
Project size: 1366 sqm
Site size: 2389 sqm
Completion date 2021
Building levels 2

KitKat House Kuwait Middle East

Photography: Nelson Garrido

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Location: Kuwait, Persian Gulf, the Middle East, Asia

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