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Beach House in Al Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait

30 December 2023

Design: AlHumaidhi Architects

Location: Al Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait, Middle East

Beach House Al Ahmadi Governorate Kuwait

Beach House, Kuwait

Beach House arises from the intention of capitalizing on the most impressive views of the sea. While creating a scenic promenade. Surrounding the construction and enhancing the vegetation’s presence throughout the entire project.

Beach House Kuwait

Different sized gardens lead the way from the entrance of the property to the main house, giving rise to a series of experiences that are discovered along the way and which enrich the outdoor space as a whole.

Beach House Al Ahmadi Governorate Kuwait

What was the brief?

The client brief called for the design of a seaside residence that included several bedrooms, common living spaces, as well as formal gathering spaces. Additionally support functions such as kitchens, storage, and mechanical functions were requested within detached annexes. The design was to encourage a faster construction method to deliver the project as per the client’s deadlines. Budget limitations also meant that an expedited construction timeline would be beneficial.

Beach House Al Ahmadi Governorate Kuwait

What building methods were used?

The main construction system was selected to be cold formed steel construction. Due to its light weight, efficient, and fast construction. This pilot project would be one of the first locally to tackle such a system for a high-end residential design.

Beach House Kuwait

What were the key challenges?

The main challenge was in accommodating the program within a slender and narrow plot. These seaside plots tend to have narrow beach side frontages that are on average 10 to 15 m wide while extending away from the seaside for up to 40 or more meters.

The challenge Layton distributing all the functions in a way that allows for them to benefit from a main Seaview or when that’s not possible, internalizing the views towards gardens and courtyards. An additional challenge Lee in designing the massing and the overall layout within the plot to allow for views and openness from most spaces within the house without compromising on a sense of privacy especially in relation to neighboring plots and residences on either side of the project.

What were the solutions?

The Design provided several layers of outdoor spaces along the plot starting from a parking and vehicular entry courtyard where vehicles stop and enter the site. Followed by a central garden and courtyard that allows for passenger drop offs as well as provides a central outdoor space from which to access not only the main house but also some of the formal guest functions as well as the outdoor seating pavilions.

The third and final outdoor space is the edge of the water where the residence meets the sea and where also the main pool is located and onto which functions such as the family living space on the ground floor as well as the bedrooms on the upper floor both overlook. The facade features a series of stepped terraces that act to reduce the scale of the mass and provide privacy- While emphasizing its elegant horizontal proportions. To tackle the challenge of construction speed, we opted to work with a cold formed steel system that would offer faster execution and cleaner more precise finishings.

Beach House Kuwait

Beach House in Al Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait – Building Information

Project team: AlHumaidhi Architects –
Project size: 1500 m2
Site size: 2900 m2
Building levels: 2

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IAS Engineering

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Location: Al Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait, Persian Gulf, the Middle East, Asia

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