Coastal Tent House, Kuwait property

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Coastal Tent House in Kuwait

29 August 2023

Design: TAEP/AAP

Location: Al Khiran, Kuwait City

Coastal Tent House Kuwait

Photos by Fernando Guerra, FG + SG

Coastal Tent House in Al Khiran

Inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula have a long-standing tradition of leaving the cities on holidays often traveling to the seaside or to the desert to set up temporary infrastructures and spend quality time with their families.

Coastal Tent House Kuwait

The Tent House conceptually recreates this idea of a family gathering under a lightweight and discrete shelter structure, symbolizing the importance of shade in the hot desert climate.

Coastal Tent House Al Khiran Kuwait

This five-house complex shares a common folded concrete white roof that provides protection from the sun and wind while permeating light during the day and night. Strategically perforated, the roof filters sunlight into the interior spaces and offers views of the sky through rectangular cuts.

Coastal Tent House Al Khiran Kuwait

The ground floor exterior spaces serve as social common areas, designed as an oasis with vegetation and gardens surrounding a central water element.

Coastal Tent House Al Khiran Kuwait

The outdoor gardens culminate in two communal double height shaded spaces that connect the interior of the site to the beach and further accentuating the main façade and proving views for the two internal units to overlook the see.

Coastal Tent House Al Khiran Kuwait

The Tent residence is designed to maintain privacy from the access road and immediate neighbors while maximizing openness and transparency to the private beach with seafront glazed facades and garden terraces.

Coastal Tent House Al Khiran Kuwait

The Tent residence simultaneously achieves the status of a desert camp, a beach house and, above all, a gathering place.

Coastal Tent House Kuwait

Coastal Tent House in Kuwait – Building Information

Project Name: Tent House
Office Name: TAEP/AAP Office Website:
Firm Location: Kuwait, Portugal and France
Project Location: Al Khiran, Kuwait
Year: 2021
Built-up Area: 2390 sqm
Status: Complete
Program: Residential

Team: Abdulatif Almishari, Rui Vargas Telmo Rodrigues Carla Barroso, Abdullahziz Al Kandahari, Fábio Guimarães, Alba Duarte, António Brigas, António Gorjão, Carlo Palma, Duarte Correia, Gonçalo Silva, Hassan Javed, João Costa, Mariana Neves, Maysi Vasquez, Pedro Batista, Pedro Miranda, Raquel Martins, Sofia Teixeira MEP: Mohammed Hassan, Rúben Rodrigues, Sérgio Sousa
Interior Design: Leonor Feyo Carolina Grave, Estrela Nunes, Luísa Calvo Landscape: Susana Pinheiro
Graphic Design: Mariana Neves, Aquilino Sotero, Diogo Monteiro, Federica Fortugno, Luísa Calvo —

Coastal Tent House Kuwait

Structure: R5 Engineers
Light Design: Light Design
Site Supervision: ASBUILT Lúcio Silva, Ricardo Janeiro, Vando Beldade
Photography Credits: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
Photographer Website:

Coastal Tent House Kuwait

Photography: Fernando Guerra FG+SG

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Location: Al Khiran, Kuwait City, Kuwait

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