Le Cabaret Osaka, Japan Building: Osaka Interior

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Le Cabaret Osaka, Japan

Contemporary Osaka Building – design by Tadashi Suga Architect

1 Apr 2009

Le Cabaret, Osaka

Date built: 2005

Design: Tadashi Suga Architect Office

The irregularly-shaped modern copper tunnels at the openings contrast with solid feeling of the interior that gives an antique image from the densely used anti-industrial Materials.

Le Cabaret Osaka Le Cabaret Osaka Le Cabaret Osaka Le Cabaret Osaka

The mixture of universal modern design and forcefulness that opposes makes a visitor realize the vulnerability of infrastructure in Japan, and presents a more powerful sense of presence to the bar.

As a visitor’s eyes are accustomed to the entrance into the bar, he/she will speak in vague generalities, “It’s like as if I’m not in Japan.” IT is a new type of fake.

In Japan now, non-industrial materials are out of the ordinary.
An antique bar never exists historically. In this sense, Le Cabaret embodies an extraordinary life.

Modern cityscapes are, because of architectural rationalism, basically composed of vertical and horizontal lines. As a result, the entrance to buildings are rectangular.
When we turn our eyes to the natural would, the nests are mostly irregularly shaped.
The act of going for a drink for us is similar to going back to our nests.
Hence, the two arrays of entrances in this building gain a mysterious attractive power after sunset in the modern city.

Le Cabaret Osaka Le Cabaret Osaka Le Cabaret Osaka

Le Cabaret Osaka – Building Information

Title: Le Cabaret
Architect/Designer: Tadashi Suga
Location: Osaka
Total area: 159.20sqm
Completion: Dec 2005

Photos: Yoshiharu Matumura

Le Cabaret Osaka images / information from Tadashi Suga Architect Office 010409

Tadashi Suga Architect

Location: Osaka, Kansai Region, island of Honshu, Japan, East Asia

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