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N Strips Residence in Osaka

New Japanese Home for Pegasus Housing: Contemporary Residential Building – design by Jun Murata Architect / JAM

1 Sep 2016

New Residence in Osaka, Japan

Architect: Jun Murata / JAM

Location: Osaka, Japan

N strips Residence

It is all about the facade!

An interesting project based around a lightweight cedar screen applied to a facade of the building.

Basic text from the architect:

N strips


It’s a suggestion in a new facade by a white louver to make the superannuated outward appearance the integrated design with 2 stores. It was however abundant by just simple operation, not a vertical louver and was an important theme with the design to say whether you make an expression with the depth last.

N Strips Residence in Osaka

A renovation of collective housing in an area for 39 years. Complete reformation of a facade, equipment and layout was desired. Though it harmonizes with the surrounding streets, the outward appearance of the white vertical louver will produce the sophisticated atmosphere and strengthen senses in the evening. It is an icon in the new town.

N Strips Residence in Osaka

Eleven rooms of varying sizes have been repaired. All equipment in the rooms were reformed, and total of 7 types of dwelling door were changed to a plan which fits in with a present-day lifestyle. I set a band of the rent widely, live there and make the degree of freedom of the hand and the selectivity as expensive as possible.

The project started in November 2014 in Osaka and finished in July 2015.

N Strips Residence in Osaka

You were asking complete reformation of equipment laying of the pipes as well as a waterproof repair from an existence outer wall. The thing many have some unevenness and laying of exposed pipes on an outer wall was expected.

A vertical louver that allowed unevenness was adopted to provide both concealment and maintenance. The cedar is painted in white and is of light weight. The surface is ‘dimly grained’ in terms of reflectivity, like metal. With sunshine angles through the day various expressions are apparent.

N Strips Residence in Osaka

30 mm * 75 mm of section is arranged by a vertical louver at random freely. Very ugly wire passes in frontal road in a building. I thought I’d like to make a kind of contrast last in a facade so that it might be contrasted in this wire. Though an opening of a necessary minimum is opened in a facade and a view from the interior is secured, influence by wire is held at a minimum.

11 rooms of big and small is generally divided into the renting type and the selling type. An efficient enemy way rationality-like design is performed and each resident’s opinion is introduced to a selling part, and the renting type is telling on a counter and needs of an upgrade of illumination and a sanitary equipment.

Arrangement of a louver is decided about by program software as a Grasshopper. I digitized the condition such as the space of the louver and the opening rate and studied. An idea corresponding to the cost and the condition of the needs was chosen from the inside of an countless sample. A search with the design beyond the human consciousness and sense is being tried.

N Strips Residence in Osaka

Jun Murata / JAM


Pegasus Housing Co. Ltd. develops real estate properties. The company also offers property management and residential renovation. Pegasus Housing was founded in 2012 and is based in Osaka, Japan and Shanghai, China. The focus is on residential property in inner-urban lifestyle locations. We understand investors as well as tenants and the lifestyle choices people seek in inner-city locations with plentiful amenities, transport and places to eat, whether buying a home or investment.

Winner – N Strips Residence by Jun Murata is Winner in A’ Design Award and Competition Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2015-16.

N Strips Residence in Osaka images / information from A’ Design Award and Competition

Residence in Osaka – A’ Design Awards & Competition shortlisted

Location: Osaka, Kansai Region, island of Honshu, Japan, East Asia

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