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AYA House – Osaka Residence

New Japanese Home – design by Yoshihiro Yamamoto Architect

20 May 2014

AYA House in Osaka

Architect: Yoshihiro Yamamoto

This house is a kuri (monk’s living quarters) in the old town of Osaka.

Aya House

For their daughter who is seriously disabled, and their local supporters, the new salon was installed by connecting from the street to the main hall of the temple.

Aya House

To protect their daughter from direct sunlight, and to divide the inner rooms and outer graves, the first floor is closed and light is taken from the big high side light.

Aya House

By using modern but traditional materials such as shikkui (Japanese stucco), yakisugi (burned cedar), and kawara (Japanese tile), this house is harmonized with the city where old and new buildings coexist.

Aya House

AYA House : Building Information

Project name: AYA House
Architect: Yoshihiro Yamamoto | YYAA
Co-designed by : Arts&Crafts Co.,Ltd.
Location: Osaka city, Japan
Construction: Dec 2011 – Mar 2013
Structure: Wooden Structure
Site Area: 152 m2
Building Area: 161 m2
Floor Area: 161 m2 | 1F 86m2, 2F 75m2
Typology: Kuri (Monk’s living Quarters)

Photos by: Yohei Sasakura and Yoshihiro Yamamoto

AYA House in Osaka images / information from Yoshihiro Yamamoto

Location: Osaka, Kansai Region, island of Honshu, Japan, East Asia

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