Center Parcs Cottage, Bispingen, Germany

Center Parcs Cottage in Bispingen, German Architecture, Lower Saxony Building, Photography

Center Parcs Cottage in Bispingen, Lower Saxony

10 November 2023

Architecture and Interior design: concrete

Location: Bispingen, Lower Saxony, Southeast Germany

Center Parcs Cottage Bispingen Germany

Photos: Ton Hurks

Center Parcs Cottage, Germany

Concrete and Center Parcs present the Center Parcs Cottage, a place to gather in the heart of nature in Parc Bispinger Heide in Germany.

Center Parcs Cottage Bispingen Germany

Center Parcs, renowned for its family-friendly holiday parks in the heart of nature, aimed to enhance its offerings for a broader audience. In response, Concrete developed a new and innovative generation of prototype cottages, rethinking the classic Center Parcs bungalow.

Center Parcs Cottage Bispingen Lower Saxony Germany

A prototype has been constructed at Parc Bispinger Heide in Germany, now available for rental by guests. Drawing inspiration from the original design by Dutch architects Van den Broek and Bakema, Concrete crafted a contemporary experience, centered around themes of togetherness and nature. Concrete brings its expertise in modular construction to the Center Parcs project, devising a cottage that is sustainable, easy to build, and which imposes very little disruption to its environment.

Center Parcs Cottage Bispingen Lower Saxony Germany

Finding yourself in nature

At the core of the new design is the concept of finding oneself in nature. The idea was to create spaces where guests could disconnect from the hustle of daily life and reconnect with themselves. The new cottage achieves this by seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. A floor-to-ceiling glass facade offers uninterrupted views of surrounding nature, making the outdoors feel like an extension of the living room.

Center Parcs Cottage  Lower Saxony Germany

A modular cottage for conscious living

The cottage is comprised of two prefabricated modules, containing all essentials – the kitchen, multiple bedrooms, and bathrooms. The modules are connected by the living room, which allows nature to pour in. The living room is not only the connecting space, but also the heart of the cottage. It is bathed in natural light through its expansive windows, which allow views to the front and to the back. Each side of the house offers a different perspective on the beautiful forest outside. In front of the living room, an outdoor private terrace offers guests an intimate space to enjoy the outdoors. Beyond its inspiring views, the cottage offers a truly immersive experience in nature.

Center Parcs Cottage  Lower Saxony Germany

Promoting togetherness, the living room is designed around a central oversized dining table, perfect for a board game after dinner. The modular corner couch, inspired by the iconic 1970s Center Parcs style, has been reimagined into a versatile sofa that guests can configure into personalized seating arrangements, accommodating all needs of a modern family.

Center Parcs Cottage  Lower Saxony Germany

The project is designed around the principle of modular pre-fabrication, with a hybrid of 2D elements and 3D modules created off-site and quickly assembled in the scenic natural setting. The cottage is easy to install on site, allowing it to be ready for guests in less than 2 weeks.

Center Parcs Cottage Germany

The architecture of the cottage is simple and unobtrusive, maintaining the tradition of modernist architecture of Van den Broek and Bakema, and ensuring that the outdoors remain a focal point. The influence of the original architects is also evident in the thoughtful clustering of cottages. Adopting Bakema’s favoured technique, the cottages are arranged in a staggered layout, ensuring privacy by shielding views between neighbouring structures. The layout also prevents terraces from intruding upon each other, preserving the overall a sense of serenity.

Center Parcs Cottage Germany

Sustainable design

The cottage has been carefully designed with a strong emphasis on sustainability and minimal energy consumption. First, the cottage features high-quality insulation, which minimizes heat loss and maximizes energy efficiency. Moreover, only materials of organic origin are used, not only reducing the ecological footprint, but also contributing to a healthier indoor environment. The consistent use of wood on both the exterior and interior blurs the distinction between inside and outside, strengthening the connection to nature. The stone flooring, cross-laminated timber (CLT) ceiling, and spruce wood wall cladding establish a timeless neutral colour palette. The use of durable, high-quality materials minimizes the need for frequent replacement and maintenance.

In terms of energy supply, the cottage operates entirely on electricity, utilizing photovoltaic cells on the roof, and a heat pump for heating and cooling. Combined, all of these features contribute to an eco-friendly and sustainable stay, with preservation of the environment at its core.

Center Parcs Cottage Germany

Center Parcs Cottage in Bispingen, Germany – Building Information

Architecture and Interior design: concrete –
Client: Center Parcs, Capelle aan de IJssel (NL)
Office address: oudezijds achterburgwal 78a
Postal code: 1012 DR
City: Amsterdam

Country: The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)20 5200200
E-mail: [email protected]

Project location
Address: Center Parc Bispinger Heide
City: Bispingen
Country: Germany

Project information
Project team concrete: Rob Wagemans, Mark Haenen, Sofie Ruytenberg, Murk Wymenga,
Amandine Marot, Aylin Mutish, Joan Doyer
Start Design: 2020
Opening: Q2 2023
Netto area: 88 m2
Total constructed area: 109 sqm

Project team
Project development: Center Parcs, Capelle aan de IJssel (NL)
Executive architect: ANSSP, Hamburg (DE)
Structural engineer: WP ingenieure, Hamburg (DE)
Modular contractor: Machiels Building Solutions, Genk (BE)
Bathroom supplier: Stengel GmbH, Ellwangen (DE)
MEP contractor: Steinbrink, Lotte (DE)
Shopfitter furniture: Robos, Dalfsen (NL)
Curtains: Vos project, Nijkerk (NL)
Landscape Architect: Jean Henkens, Center Parcs

Center Parcs Cottage Bispingen Lower Saxony Germany

About Concrete
Founded in 1997, Concrete comprises a team of 52 multidisciplinary creatives who have been developing concepts in architecture, interior design, urban development, and brand development for corporations and institutions.

Concrete stands at the cradle of citizenM hotels worldwide, Urby Living in the US, Zoku Hotels in Europe, and Moos Living in the Netherlands. Other projects include W Hotels in Osaka, London, and Verbier, Mongkok Skypark Hongkong, Andaz Hotel Munich, Manifattura Tabacchi Florence, Restaurant Renilde at Depot Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, Virgin Voyages, KLM crown lounge Schiphol, Jeroen Pit Healthcare Huis Amsterdam, and The West Residences NYC.

Concrete is currently engaged in projects for The BoTree hotel in London, as well as for Foret D’or Luxembourg and others.

Center Parcs Cottage Bispingen Germany

Photography: Ton Hurks

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Location: Bispingen, Lower Saxony, Germany

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