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5 Best Wood Chandeliers to Light Up Your Home

23 November 2023

The kind of chandelier you get for your home will determine how the entire space will look like. It will also determine how well your home is illuminated. VAXLAMP is determined to get you the best lighting options in the market. Here are some of the best wood chandeliers in the market.

Sputnik Chandelier Ceiling Light Creative Sphere, Wood & Glass

The Sputnik Chandelier Ceiling Light is perfect for your home if you have a low ceiling. Since it is semi-flush, it can also be used in rooms where you do not want it to be the center of attention. It has a variation of up to 16 bulbs, so you get to choose what will work best for your home. The chandelier is made of wood and milk-white glass, which makes it fashionable yet durable.

best wood chandelier to light up your house design

Chandelier Ceiling Light Modern Wood Glass Cylinder, Black/White

The best thing about the Modern Wood Glass Cylinder lights is that you have the option of dimming or brightening your lights to suit the different moods in the home. The chandelier is made of rubber, wood and glass, which gives it an iconic appearance.

It doubles up as a fashion piece as well as a functional decor piece in the home. You can get this light in either a black or white finish on the metallic bits, which is a huge bonus.

Ceiling Light Airplane Chandelier Cartoon Wood For Children’s Room

One way to make your kid’s room feel more inviting is to work on the lighting aspects of the room. Aside from lighting up the room, a good chandelier can also be a centerpiece for the room it is placed in.

If your child loves planes, then definitely check out this airplane chandelier. It is made of wood and glass and is very durable.  The lights are energy saving and gentle on your child’s eyes.

Chandelier Ceiling Light Multi Arm Led Nordic Style, Metal & Wood

The Nordic Style lamp is perfect for your home if you love class and minimalist decor pieces. The lamp is made from quality materials and will guarantee you years of service. The good thing about this light is you can install it in your living room, kitchen as well as bedroom. It blends nicely with all the other pieces in a room.

You have the choice of getting 4, 6 or 8 lights. Since all the bulbs are energy savers, the number of bulbs will have very little difference to your electric bill. You can get it in either red, white or gray, which gives you styling options.

5 best wood chandeliers to light up your home

Chandelier Persimmon Chic Bauhaus French Cream Style, Wood & Glass

The persimmon chandelier is an exquisite style that is bound to make heads turn. It is perfect for mood lighting since it gives off a soft glow. You can get this in a set of 3, 6 or 8 lights, depending on how bright you want it. The chandelier comes with two hanging rods, and you get to choose which one suits your ceiling height best.

The kind of chandelier you get in your home will determine how brightly lit the room will be.

It will also determine the kind of mood your home will have when it is in. At Vax Lamp, we are determined to get you the best the market has to offer. Check out these pieces and choose the kind of lights you need. We have great offers for you that will definitely make a difference in your home.

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