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Danish Building News 2017

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Building Updates for 2017

11 Dec 2017
Storstrøm Prison, Blichersvej, Gundslev, Falster
Design: C. F. Møller Architects
Storstrom Prison Denmark Building News
photo : Torben Eskerod
Storstrøm Prison on Falster
A modern, humane, high-security prison that uses architecture to promote prisoners’ social rehabilitation

21 Nov 2017
Biological House, Middelfart, Fyn, central Denmark
Architects: Een til Een
Biological Bouse in Middelfart - Danish Building News
photography : Middelfart
Biological House in Middelfart
The world’s first ‘Biological House’ has opened its doors to visitors and sets a new high standard for eco-friendly buildings. The leading forces behind this innovative build, Een til Een, built the house in secrecy, and eventually welcomed visitors from all over the world.

5 Nov 2017
Technical Faculty Campus at Odense Universitet, Odense, Fyn, central Denmark
Architects: Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller
Technical Faculty Campus Denmark Architecture News
image Courtesy architecture office
Technical Faculty Campus Odense Universitet
A new building is making a bold statement on the campus of the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, blending in and standing out at the same time with its unique façade and innovative interior layout for cutting-edge research.

16 Oct 2017
Odense Music and Theatre Hall, Odense, Fyn
Design: C.F. Møller Architects
Odense Music and Theatre Hall Danish Building News
image courtesy of architects office
Odense Music and Theatre Hall Building in Denmark

3 Oct 2017
LEGO House, Billund, Jutland
Design: BIG architects
LEGO House Billund by BIG in Denmark
photo : Iwan Baan
LEGO House Denmark
BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group and LEGO bring the toy scale of the classic LEGO brick to architectural scale with LEGO House, forming vast exhibition spaces and public squares that embody the culture and values at the heart of all LEGO experiences

27 Sep 2017
Skovbakke Skolen, Odder, Jutland
Architect: CEBRA
Skovbakken School - Danish Building News
photograph : Adam Mørk
Skovbakken School in Odder
At Skovbakken in Odder, near Aarhus in Denmark, students and teachers welcome their new school. A school that, in addition to being the biggest investment in a new building in Odder Municipality, is designed based on a human scale with recognisable motives such as pitched roofs – and supports modern education and teaching.

12 Sep 2017
Campus Horsens VIA University College, Jutland
Design: C.F. Møller Architects
VIA University College, Campus Horsens building
image courtesy of architects office
VIA University College Campus Horsens

2 Aug 2017
Grain House, Aabybro, north west of Aalborg, Jutland, western Denmark
Design: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Grain House - Denmark Property News
photos : Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, Places studio
Grain House in Hjørring
The Kornets Hus – or grain house, is the realisation of a new centre for the dissemination of the region’s rich food and farming culture.

24 Jul 2017
Villa Rypen, Aarhus, Jutland
Design: C.F. Møller Architects
Villa Rypen
photograph : Julian Weyer
Aarhus Villa

14 Jul 2017
The Green House, Lejre, Zealand, East Denmark
Architect: Sigurd Larsen
The Green House in Lejre
photograph : Tia Borgsmidt
The Green House in Lejre
A series of single family houses is designed for Frikøbing near Copenhagen in Denmark. The development plan for the area has high demands on sustainability for construction materials, insulation, energy and air circulation.

28 Jun 2017
The Silo Apartments, Fortkaj, Nordhavnen, Copenhagen
Design: COBE
The Silo Apartments - Denmark Building News
photograph : Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST
The Silo Apartments Nordhavnen

10 Jul 2017
The Light House, Lejre, Sjælland, East Denmark
Architect: Sigurd Larsen
The Light House in Lejre - Danish Building News
photograph : Tia Borgsmidt
The Light House in Lejre
A series of single family houses is designed for Frikøbing near Copenhagen in Denmark. The development plan for the area has high demands on sustainability for construction materials, insulation, energy and air circulation.

3 Jul 2017
Hospital Extension, Kolding, South Jutland, western Denmark
Design: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects with Creo Arkitekter
Hospital Extension in Kolding - Danish Building News
photo © Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Hospital Extension in Kolding
The new Kolding Hospital is among the first major hospitals to complete following the reform by the Danish Ministry of Health re-structuring the Danish health sector with new specialized hospitals by 2020. The extension of Kolding Hospital is also the first major hospital design completed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

1 Jun 2017
Danish Design Award, Kolding, Jutland
Danish Design Award building
photo : Agnete Schlichtkrull
Danish Design Award
Round two of the Danish Design Award event was held in Svane Shipping’s warehouse in Kolding harbour.

4 Apr 2017
Glass Butterfly in Holbaek, Holbaek, northeastern Sjælland, Eastern Denmark
Design: Form4 Architecture, architects
Glass Butterfly in Holbaek - Denmark Building News
image Courtesy architecture office
Glass Butterfly Holbaek
The result fo an architecture competition to take a bus shelter, an atypical, ubiquitous object within the public realm, and create a design for a rural area of Denmark under the sponsorship of a glazing manufacturing company. The point of departure for the architecture of this entry is the formal negotiation between the delicacy of the glass and its structural integrity to meet the project’s programmatic purpose.

4 Apr 2017
Double Houses, Roskilde, Zealand
Design: Conm + Kallesø, architects
Double Houses Roskilde Denmark
image Courtesy architects office
New Houses in Roskilde

27 Mar 2017
Vendsyssel Theatre and Experience Centre, Hjørring, Region Nordjylland, western Denmark
Design: schmidt hammer lassen architects
Vendsyssel Theatre - Danish Building News
photography : Adam Mørk
Vendsyssel Theatre
A successful premiere marked the beginning of a sold out season at Denmark’s first newly built theatre in over a century outside of the Danish capital Copenhagen. The 4,200 sqm theatre and culture building is designed as a dynamic and multifunctional complex that includes a Music hall, Black Box, Rehearsal hall and a 430 seat flexible hall which includes an”in-the-round” theatre.

2 Mar 2017
MCH Messecenter, Herning, Midtjylland, Jutland
Architects: Urban Agency and Aarhus Arkitekterne
MCH Messecenter Building Denmark
image Courtesy architecture office
MCH Messecenter Herning
Although the MCH Messecenter in Herning is already the biggest exhibition in Denmark, that doesn’t hinder the plans for its future development proposal from being very ambitious. Urban-Agency and Aarhus Arkitekterne were invited to create a strategy proposal that will make the complex a more attractive and coherent structure with a new focal point.

20 Jan 2017
Streetmekka, Viborg, Jutland
Architects: EFFEKT
Streetmekka Danish Building News
image © EFFEKT
Streetmekka in Viborg
Winners of the architectural competition for a new Streetmekka in Viborg, DK. The winning proposal is a new cultural center including facilities for a variety of self-organized sports like parkour, skate, bouldering, basketball, trial, as well as a series of customized workshop areas for DJing and music production, an animation studio, fabrication lab and artist studios.

2 Jan 2017
Museum Center Blaavand Shortlisted for Mies van der Rohe 2017 Awards
Mies van der Rohe 2017 Award Nominations

Blåvand Bunker Museum, Varde, west coast of Denmark
Design: BIG architects
Blåvand Bunker Museum
image : BIG
Blåvand Bunker Museum Denmark
Transforming a former German WWII bunker, within the protected shorelands of Blåvand, the 2,500sqm new museum building will be composed of four main volumes, housing four independent institutions: a bunker museum, an amber museum, a history museum and a special exhibitions gallery – within an exhibition landscape carved out of the dunes.

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Denmark Building News 2016

Building Updates for 2016:

22 Nov 2016
Skamlingsbanken Visitor Centre, Jutland
Architects: CEBRA
Skamlingsbanken Visitor Centre - Danish Building News
image Courtesy architecture office
Skamlingsbanken Visitor Centre Building in Jutland
CEBRA architecture is, together with a team consisting of 2+1 Idébureau, Opland Landskabsarkitekter, Dansk Energi Management & Esbensen and DRIAS Rådgivende ingeniører, appointed as winner of the competition for the new Skamlingsbanken visitor centre in southern Denmark.

3 Nov 2016
Boiler Central, Vejle, Jylland
Design: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Boiler Central in Vejle
photograph : Steffen Stamp
Boiler Central in Vejle
This is a celebrated old boiler building from the 1940s in the historic industrial complex in Vejle, western Denmark. schmidt hammer lassen architects designed the 1,200 sqm large refurbishment project which provides space for the new Design Driven Innovation Centre housing 30 creative companies.

28 Oct 2016
ARCTIC Hundested Harbour Cultural Attraction, Region Hovedstaden, Northern Sjælland
Design: CEBRA architecture, Architects

ARCTIC Hundested Harbour Cultural Attraction
image Courtesy architecture office
ARCTIC Hundested Harbour Cultural Attraction
An ambitious cultural project was revealed at a conference recently held in Halsnæs Municipality in Northern Zealand in Denmark. A sketch project created by CEBRA architecture proposed a 3,000 square metre cultural attraction, ARCTIC, located on an island in Hundested harbour.

1 Oct 2016
Danish Architecture Photos
Esrum Kloster pond - Denmark Architecture Photos
photo © Adrian Welch
Denmark Architecture Photos
New architectural photographs from visit to Denmark/Sweden.

30 Sep 2016
Danish Maritime Museum, Helsingør – Building Review by e-architect
Design: BIG architects
Danish Maritime Museum Helsingoer
photo © Adrian Welch
New Danish Maritime Museum Helsingoer
“I wrote positively about this back in October 2013, and we also carried an article by architect Dimple Soni. The reality didn’t disappoint.”

30 Sep 2016
The Culture Yard – Kulturværftet, Helsingør
Design: aart architects
Helsingør castle building
photo © Adrian Welch
Culture Yard Elsinore Building
The Culture Yard symbolizes Elsinore’s transformation from an industrial seaport town to a cultural centre. In this way the yard is designed as a hinge between the past and present, reinforcing the identity of the local community, but at the same time expressing an international attitude, reinforcing the relation between the local and global community.

20 Sep 2016
New School Building in Aabybro, north west of Aalborg, Jutland, western Denmark
Design: CEBRA architecture, architects with KPF
Aabybro School Building - Denmark Building News
image Courtesy architecture office
Aabybro School Building, Aalborg
In Aabybro, Denmark, a new city school has just been inaugurated. A school that challenges the notion of architecture while at the same time reflecting the urban context.

25 Aug 2016
Guest Annexe at Ore Strand, Vordingborg, Zealand, eastern Denmark
Design: Conm + Kallesø, architects
Guest Annexe
photograph : Jacob Hoffmann
Guest Annexe at Ore Strand
The shape of the project is an irregular black painted wooden box due to three main topics of the brief: letting the client have an overlook at the surrounding garden while inside the annexe, making the nearby beach and sea visible from the built in double bed and finally linking the excisting holiday cottage together with the annexe via a single terrace door and a small wooden terrace.

22 Aug 2016
Artist’s House, Hvide Sande, Jutland
Design: Cubo Architects
Artists House in Hvide Sande
photograph : Henning Davidsen
Artist’s House in Hvide Sande
This Danish artist’s residence will function as an open-door workshop and exhibition space, whilst offering free accommodation to artists for a week or two at a time. The property overlooks the picturesque port of Tyskerhavn in the Danish town of Hvide Sande.

Aarhus Housing

LEGO Office Complex in Billund

Kolding Campus, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Design: Henning Larsen Architects
Kolding Campus University - Danish Architecture News
photo from architects
Kolding Campus University of Southern Denmark Building

Ragnarock Museum in Roskilde

Nyborg Castle Design Competition

Student Housing in Odense, University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Design: C. F. Møller
University of Southern Denmark Student Housing
image from architect
University of Southern Denmark Building

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