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Arkitektskolen Århus

Danish School of Architecture News – Nørreport Building, Jutland, Denmark

1 Sep 2017

Aarhus School of Architecture Announce International Student Competition Drawing of the Year 2017

Aarhus School of Architecture, schmidt hammer lassen architects, VOLA and The Danish Arts Foundation announce the fifth joint venture competition Drawing of the Year 2017.

Drawing of the Year 2017

This year’s theme is Everyday Utopia.

Everyday Utopia

In 1516 Thomas More used the word Utopia for the first time to describe a perfect society, and the word has since been synonymous with something positive yet unrealistic. Through the architect’s ability to dream and draw innovative solutions to challenges that are general and significant to all of us, the competition wishes to address and inspire solutions to these everyday challenges.

We invite bold, inspiring, provocative, and innovative proposals for new ways of perceiving everyday utopia. On all scales and in all environments, from the smallest structure to complex facilities; from rural outskirts to suburban environments; from nature to expanding megacities.

We encourage all architecture students to visualise dreams, to think freely and creatively without losing touch with reality. We ask for a new utopia!

We accept drawings from students at architecture schools all over the world. The internationally acclaimed jury will award digitally produced drawings of everyday utopia that inspire, communicate and engage with architecture in an artistic way.

After the competition, a curated selection of the submitted drawings will be exhibited.

Digital drawings
Drawing of the Year 2017 invites sketches and drawings created only by using digital technology. The competition aims to explore new tendencies in architectural drawing and challenge the use of new techniques and mixed media.

We want the contestants to explore how digital drawing can push the boundaries of our perception of drawing as a craft. And we would like to encourage contestants to examine how digital drawings can express artistic skills.

• 1st prize: 5000 Euro
• 2nd prize: 2000 Euro
• 3rd prize: 1000 Euro

20 November 2017 at 12.00 noon (CET). The winners will be announced 1 December at an award ceremony at Aarhus School of Architecture.

Competition details and submission: drawingoftheyear.dk

18 + 17 Mar 2017

New Aarhus School of Architecture Design Competition

New Aarhus School of Architecture Competition

Newly qualified architects win restricted design competition for new school of architecture in Aarhus

The newly established architecture practice Vargo Nielsen Palle, led by three recently qualified architects, has won the restricted design competition NEW AARCH ahead of established and internationally recognised architecture practices:

New Aarhus School of Architecture Design
rendering : Vargo Nielsen Palle og ADEPT

New Aarhus School of Architecture Design Competition

6 Dec 2016

Drawing of the Year 2016

Aarhus School of Architecture Announce Winners of Drawing of the Year 2016

How can you interpret the concept Habitation through a digital drawing? 365 architecture students from 64 different countries gave it a try and submitted drawings for the international student competition Drawing of the Year 2016.

The drawings explored very different takes on the theme – from sustainable, temporary dwellings and dreamy landscapes over highly political statements about the refugee crisis and armed conflicts to artistic, digital representations of the contemporary city.

The judges were impressed by the great variety of expression in the drawings. The entries used different traditions within painting, collages, and architectural representation. And they managed to bridge the digital and the analogue, the real and the imagined, the abstract and the concrete.

Friday 2 December the winners were announced at Aarhus School of Architecture. The first prize went to El Hamdi Firas from Tunisia, the second prize to Mickael Minghetti from Switzerland and the third prize was won by Marten Herman Anderson from Germany.

The winning drawing:
Drawing of the Year 2016 winner

Cities filled with rubble and ruins

El Hamdi Firas from the National School of Architecture and Urbanism of Tunis in Tunisia wins the first prize of EUR 5000 with a drawing depicting a city shaped by conflict.

The jury finds the drawing’s theme highly relevant: “Conflicts throughout the world have filled the cities with rubble and ruins. Accumulated in piles, this shapes the reality of the current condition of contemporary cities like Aleppo. It is a new landscape that manifests individual and collective memories of these tragedies. It is the worst type of monuments of our era. How architecture responds to these conflicts yet remains to be seen, and it is still a task that needs to be solved. It seems reuse will be the architects’ only tool for providing sustainable solutions,” the jury explains.

“The drawing puts forward this theme of human accumulation and memory in a drawing of a very high artistic level. The drawing explores the digital possibilities, yet it builds on the aesthetics of the hand drawing. It is very well composed, situates itself in the abstract yet real, and references both Giovanni Piranesi and Hugh Ferriss.”

2nd prize:

Drawing of the Year 2016 2nd prize

A refugee camp

The winner of the second prize of EUR 2000 is Mickael Minghetti from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne in Switzerland with a technical drawing of a refugee camp.

“One of the most difficult challenges to architecture is the ability to address the urgencies the world produces (…) Architects have to be reminded of the human crises through their own language of the technical drawing. This drawing is a brutal, humorous, and extremely honest reminder of that circumstance,” says the jury.

3rd prize:

Drawing of the Year 2016 3rd prize

The globalised tower

The winner of the third prize of EUR 1000 is Marten Herman Anderson from the University of Fine Arts Berlin in Germany with a drawing of a scaleless building with no beginning or end.

“The reproduced modern glass tower has become a symbol of globalisation. Despite local differences, today, we as humans all seem to live in the same tower,” the jury states. “The drawing represents this current condition. Not as a flattened image, but as a complex illustration depicting the generic frame yet the different lives.”

The jury:

• Eva Franch i Gilabert (US), Architect, Chief Curator and Executive Director of Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York
• Sergei Tchoban (DE), Architect and founder of The Tchoban Foundation – Museum for Architectural Drawing in Berlin
• Kasper Heiberg Frandsen (DK), Architect and Associate Partner at schmidt / hammer / lassen architects
• Torben Nielsen (DK), Architect and Rector at Aarhus School of Architecture

Drawing of the Year 2016 is sponsored by schmidt / hammer / lassen architects, VOLA and Danish Arts Foundation.

22 Nov 2016

Aarhus School of Architecture News

Rector appointed at Aarhus School of Architecture


22nd of November 2016 – The current Rector of Aarhus School of Architecture, Torben Nielsen, will remain in the position for another five years. The School Board made this unanimous decision following a thorough recruitment process.

“Aarhus School of Architecture is developing in a very positive way. New teaching programmes and research laboratories combined with an increased focus on digital solutions have fine-tuned the school’s architectural profile, allowing future architects and researchers to contribute to an even greater degree to developing the architectural discipline and society in general”, says Chairman of The School Board Ingelise Bogason.

Torben Nielsen:
Rector of Aarhus School of Architecture, Torben Nielsen
photo : Thomas Lillevang

She also stresses that cooperation with the industry on training the architects of tomorrow has been intensified and that there is persistent attention to improving the employability of the school’s graduates.

“We are consequently very pleased to be able to continue working with Torben Nielsen. In recent years he has led the school through major changes and made it more open to the outside world. We are absolutely convinced Torben Nielsen will – in cooperation with the school’s staff and students – be able to develop further the school’s prominent position, locally, nationally as well as internationally”, Ingelise Bogason stated.

In the upcoming term as Rector, a major task will be to prepare the construction of a new school of architecture at Godsbanearealerne, in Aarhus – a school which is expected to be ready by 2020.

“I’m incredibly honoured to have been chosen by The School Board for the position as the school’s Rector for another period”, says Torben Nielsen. He continues:

“It is my clear objective to make Aarhus School of Architecture one of the best schools of architecture in the Nordic Region with a focus on strong relationships and collaboration with both industry and knowledge institutions – national as well as international. We must, in close interaction with the school’s staff and students, strive to create the best architects to meet the challenges of the future.”

Torben Nielsen is 56 years old. He succeeded Staffan Henriksson as Rector in 2010. Prior to that Torben Nielsen had been employed by Aarhus School of Architecture as associate professor and prorector, among other positions.

The position as Rector at Aarhus School of Architecture was advertised publicly as the Rector’s current tenure expires on 15 February 2017. The recruitment process was implemented with external assistance from consulting firm MUUSMANN A/S.

Torben Nielsen at Arkitektskolen Århus image / information from Aarhus School of Architecture

Aarhus School of Architecture

Arkitektskolen, Nørreport

Date built: 1998

Contemporary style Danish education building, located a short walk north-west of the city centre.

Images taken by Isabelle Lomholt / Adrian Welch in Jul 2008

Arkitektskolen Århus Arkitektskolen Jylland Aarhus School of Architecture Aarhus School of Architecture Building

Arkitektskolen Aarhus was founded in 1966.

Along with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, it is responsible for the education of architects in Denmark.

The school has around 900 students.

Architecture practices such as schmidt hammer lassen, 3XN and Cebra Arkitekter are among the architectural studios originating in the Arkitektskolen Aarhus.

Aarhus Architecture School Arkitektskolen Aarhus Arkitektskolen Jylland Arkitektskolen Danmark

Arkitektskolen Århus Arkitektskolen
photos © Adrian Welch

5 Apr 2016
Aarhus School of Architecture exhibits at Milan Design Week 2016
The Fairy Tale. Photo by Asbjørn Staunstrup Lund
photo : Asbjørn Staunstrup Lund
Aarhus School of Architecture Milan Design Week

Aarhus School of Architecture Drawing of the Year 2016 Competition
Drawing of the Year entry by Mark Thomas Smith
Drawing of the Year 1st prize drawing 2015 Mark Thomas Smith (UK)

Location: Arkitektskolen Århus, Jutland, Denmark

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Kalø Tower Visitor Access, Rønde – north east of Århus, Jutland
Design: MAP Architects
Kalø Tower Visitor Access, Rønde, Denmark
photo : Bjørn Pierri Enevoldsen
Kalø Tower Visitor Access

Nørregade Project in Aarhus
Design: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Nørregade Aarhus building design
image © Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Nørregade 6, Aarhus: Nørreport Housing

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