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BSG Villas Concept Home Design

Conceptual Residential Building design by Murat Gedik – Designer, Architect

12 Aug 2016

BSG Villas Conceptual Design

Design: Murat Gedik

Residential Villa

BSG Villas

Residential Villa

BSG Villas Concept Design

Main inspiration comes from the integration idea of soil and the sky inherently. The residents should feel themselves living free and naturally in by structure provided open and bright space.

BSG Villas Concept Design

The building is a sample of contemporary architecture. The roof of the building is totally covered with a solar panel that produces the energy needed for total energy consumption by the household. Thanks to the roof style, the rain and snow water can be accumulated to be utilized later in the storage which are the main bearings of the building at the same time. The self-contained structure resting on the three bearing bases has a reduced impact on the soil, so allowing it to enjoy rain and breathe in.

BSG Villas Concept Design

Walking over the pool inside the house makes residents feel free and peaceful. Huge glass effect makes people feel not living locked inside of the house, on the contrary integrated with nature.

It is a concept design, not located in a specific location.

BSG Villas Concept Design

The structure has been designed as steel construction. For the energy production such as enlightment, hot water; solar panels have been utilized on the roof.

The structure is 6.00 m high above the soil. The apex of the building is 23.80 m. There is a huge ornamental pool on the ground, under the building. From the inside of the house, the pool can be seen due to partly glass floor.

BSG Villas Concept Design

The main intention of creating the building – in social and environmental aspect – is to be a representative piece for its neighbourhood, area.

Murat Gedik

Murat Gedik – Born in 1972 in Istanbul, Murat Gedik studied Construction Painting.

Born in 1972 in Istanbul, Turkey, Murat Gedik studied Construction Painting. Since graduation, he has worked for several reputable architecture firms. He designs architectural futuristic concepts, high-rise buildings, future warships and automobiles as a freelance designer. One of his automobile designs was awarded 2nd place in category ‘Ergonomy’ in last year’s car design contest held by Automotive Exporters Association, in Turkey. His architectural concept design project named ‘Xcept’ was published in a notable Turkish architecture magazine called ‘Tasarım’ in May 2008, 181th edition. He continues his designs in different fields both domestic and international.

Winner – Bsg Villas Residential Villa by Murat Gedik is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2015-16.

BSG Villas Concept – shortlisted for A’ Design Awards & Competition 2016

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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