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iHabit Modular System : Prefabricated Design Concept

Residential Building Design – design by Nettleton Tribe Architects

6 Mar 2013

iHabit Housing

Design: Design Architect: Jun Sakaguchi
Nettleton Tribe Architects in association with Redwood Projects

iHabit is a unique modular system that gives a new horizon to prefabricated housing.

image from architect

iHabit uses an elegant and state-of-art module which is designed to the minimalist contemporary standard whilst providing warm and organic feel as a place to call ‘home’. Base module is a suffi cient unit to provide comfortable living spaces that comes with environmental ‘skins’. The skins are a movable device which can control sunlight, wind and privacy as ESD screens.

Options for the skins are available from the following types:

– frosted glass sliding panel
– helio screen retractable fabric awning
– timber slat adjustable panel
– aluminium louvre sliding panel
– perforated metal sliding panel

The skins are providing opportunities to customise the modules according to residents’ taste. This concept is similar to the idea of having skins on iPhone.

iHabit’s strength also lies in the flexible layout that could be adjusted according to the residents’ preference.

Lower level unit provides open and simplistic space with sculptural stairs at the entry and full-height / full-length wall unit that accommodates living room cupboard, kitchen, study desk, laundry and entry cupboard. Upper level unit can be angled to give the best orientation to the bedrooms and the bathroom.

iHabit will be an exciting brand that gives you a joy of new lifestyle.

iHabit Modular System images / information from Jun Sakaguchi

Links: http://nettletontribe.com.au/ + http://redwoodprojects.com.au/

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iHabit Modular System