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weeHouse America : American Prefab Home

US Prefabricated Home: Modular Residences design by Alchemy Architects, United States of America

post updated April 22, 2023

WeeHouse – prefabricated house designs:

Design: Alchemy Architects

This architecture practice is known for its series of prefabricated homes and modular dwellings across the United States of America.

Arado WeeHouse

Arado WeeHouse at Lake Pepin, Wisconsin, USA


Location: Lake Pepin, Wisconsin, USA
Desciption: Vacation Retreat
Construction Type: Prefabricated Modular

Arado WeeHouse Lake Pepin Wisconsin home

Size: 336 sqft.
Est Cost. 50k
Actual Cost: 56k
6 Month Delivery

Arado WeeHouse  Lake Pepin Home Prefab Home Wisconsin

Cawaja WeeHouse

Cawaja WeeHouse Cawaja House - weeHouse American Prefab Home

Marfa WeeHouse

US Prefabricated Home Prefab Home Texas weeHouse Texas House

Location: Texas, USA
Desciption: Vacation Retreat
Construction Type: Prefabricated Modular
Size: 490 sqft.
Est Cost. 130k
Actual Cost: 150k
9 Month Delivery

Currently, the weeHouse is not available outside of the United States as a built structure, but this US architecture practice is always happy to work as designers for people anywhere in the world.

More US prefabricated house designs by Alchemy Architects:

Phillips Garden WeeHouse

Prefabr House USA House in Minneapolis Prefab Home USA - weeHouse

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Urban WeeHouse

weeHouse American Prefab House Prefabricated House USA Prefabricated House Minnesota - weeHouse

Oeschger WeeHouse

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Oeschger House
Desciption: Residence
Construction Type: Prefabricated Modular
Size: 2100 sqft.
Est. Cost: TBD
Actual Cost: TBD

Young WeeHouse

US Prefabricated House - weeHouse House in Florence USA House in Montana

Location: Florence, Montana, USA
Desciption: 2 Bedroom Vaction Retreat
Construction Type: Prefabricated Modular
Size: 784 sqft

American Prefabricated Homes images / information from Alchemy Architects

American Prefab Home design : Alchemy Architects

According to the company, they draw on timeless, classic design principles to create homes with character and charm. Each residence reflects the vernacular style of its surroundings and never compromises on functionality or energy efficiency.

You can be comfortable in the knowledge that your home will comply with government dwelling house standards and, due to enhanced building envelope insulation, heating and hot water bills are as little as £400 per year.

They are committed to creating homes that are long-lasting, beautiful and robust. The focus on providing great service means that they can guide you through the whole process from design to completion.

From the very beginning, the company has recognised the importance for businesses to create a positive social impact. The Building Skills Initiative allows us to educate and involve young people through hands-on training, alongside our own experienced craftsmen.

Alchemy Architects

While Alchemy is known internationally for the design of the weeHouse, a large portion of Alchemy’s business is more traditional architectural design services including new builds, commercial projects, remodels, renovations, and general design consultation. As architects, our job is to solve architectural design problems and help bring your ideas to reality.

Alchemy’s completion of the first weeHouse in 2003, then just an inexpensive prefab cabin, gained international attention as a symbol of architectural optimism. Since then, Alchemy has widened its scope, developing the weeHouse as a prefabricated answer for cabins, houses, offices, rooftop studios, and multi-unit developments, and has completed over 3 dozen prefabricated projects around the United States of America.

Whether you are looking to build a single site-built 200 square foot studio or a 75 unit prefab condominium, be sure to contact us and we will further evaluate your project needs. We work on both a project fee and hourly basis depending on project specifics.

source: Alchemy Architects USA

Location: Florence, Montana, United States of America

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