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Chez Carl Tapas & BBQ, Canada

Quebec Restaurant on Nun’s Island design by Jean de Lessard, designers créatifs, Canada

25 Apr 2014

Restaurant Chez Carl Tapas & BBQ

Location:Nun’s Island in the Saint Lawrence River, city of Montreal, Quebec

Design: Jean de Lessard, designers créatifs

Incredibly enveloping, sexy… These are the words that best describe Chez Carl Tapas & BBQ, a new Nun’s Island restaurant created by the interior designer Jean de Lessard. This time, the designer explores the hidden dimension of space with amazing results!

Chez Carl Tapas BBQ

Inspired by the fractal theory, the designer Jean de Lessard delivers an amazing interpretation of nature’s geometry and its wonderful irregularities with the restaurant Chez Carl Tapas & BBQ. This design project well reflects the singular (re)structuration process he has developed and which is modulating his interior design practice since.

“The variable geometry that was integrated succeeds in breaking the monotony and gives beat to the space. But it must be powerful enough for the concept to be self-sufficient”, explains the designer of his “programmed chaos”.

Chez Carl Tapas BBQ

The entrance, one of the strong design elements, is clearly defined by geometrical patterns colored in invigorating shades of red and pink. It acts as a bold transition towards a space which the designer has modulated by using three-dimensional steel structures. The depth of the aerial platform anchored to the ground now gives rhythm to the place.

Quebec Restaurant on Nun’s Island

Inside, asymmetrical volumes are covered with materials that are within the same axis, thus bringing increased dynamics to the environment. One could apply the words “abstract” and “referring to art” of co-owner of the restaurant Corinna Pop to describe this unique signature.

Quebec Restaurant on Nun’s Island design by Jean de Lessard, designers créatifs, Canada

Raw materiality and urban chic
This minimalistic project is in continuation of the designer’s thinking on the individuals and society. Hence, variations in floor to ceiling heights make it possible for one to never see the space the same way, as we do perceive with all our senses of course. With its broken lines, the fragmented space thus forms areas with an even more intimate atmosphere, while without having to feel isolated. Jean de Lessard is also using this deflection principle with objects, such as the spectacular cellar (asymmetrical for obvious reasons!). It was custom made from copper sheets, a noble metal with a reflective quality of great potential.

Chez Carl Tapas BBQ by Jean de Lessard, designers créatifs

To develop a genuine culture of seeing is crucial for Jean de Lessard for whom space is an object filled with emptiness and fullness and should offer a variety of perspectives. If the eyes of the occupant take a moment to follow one of the axes of the massive bar for example, they will discover one of the three “strucptures” (structure-sculpture). These sculptural walls are as practical as aesthetic; the Danish felt that covers them absorbs decibels has found Corinna Pop: “The noise is muffled even when the restaurant is filled to full capacity.”

Chez Carl Tapas BBQ

Jean de Lessard’s abundant use of maple in this project, outside the scope of usual application to the least, is a wink to Québécois identity… A noble and raw material, such as steel, wood has both soundproofing and warming qualities. It enhances even more the invigorating and bright effect of the color and the softness of finer textiles.

In a sort of way, the femininity-masculinity duality mimics the two worlds that coexist in the place: that of the regulars and that of the new clientele of young professionals. As a subtle mirror of the exceptional menu of this restaurant, the design must unite the art of seeing and of tasting with simplicity and character.

Restaurant Chez Carl Tapas & BBQ – Building Information

Technical specs
Client : Restaurant Chez Carl tapas & BBQ
Address : 3000 Blvd René-Lévesque, Nun’s Island, Canada
Design : Jean de Lessard, designers créatifs
General contractor: Castle Reno (Paul Cantwell)

Restaurant: 1,229 square feet
Dining capacity: nearly 70 places

Photo credit: © Adrien Williams

Chez Carl Tapas BBQ

Restaurant Chez Carl Tapas & BBQ images / information from 25 Apr 2014

Location: Nun’s Island, Canada, North America

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