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Stylish Ways To Spruce Up An Older Bathroom

29 Jan 2021

It may be that when you first bought your house, it ticks all the boxes for the furnishings, style, and function especially when it has an en suite, powder room and bathrooms on every floor.

But as time passed, new trends in home design are being created, and even some make a comeback. Now, you feel left out and have to deal with an outdated home, especially your bathroom. So how do you remedy this?

This article will give you some options on how you can spruce up your most comfortable place inside your house and provide tips and tricks on simple things you can do to keep up with the ever-changing bathroom designs.

Stylish ways to spruce up an older bathroom

How to Design Your Old Bathroom?

The bathroom, for most people, is the most comfortable and safest place. You can do your own thing inside. Dance, sing and perform your private jam. That is why it should be as clean, neat and as appealing as possible. But when it’s not to your liking, you have to take action to solve the problem. Here are some options that you can do to keep your bathroom updated.

Get Some New Tiles

It’s not that you have to flip the whole tilework of your bathroom. You just have to add some accents here and there. Keep the unique characteristics of your bathroom tiles, something that you must have loved all these years. You can line a border about one-third of the height of your bathroom wall. Change the tile of your soap cubby, or add accents to your bathroom floor. You can also splash it up with a floor-length mosaic tile if your wall seems too dull. It doesn’t have to be grand, just give it little sophistication, and it will be more refreshing to use your safe space again.

But if you prefer to change every nook and cranny of your bathroom tiles, you would need a professional to do that for you. If you click here, you can find some advice on how to go about the reinvention of your bathroom tiles and get some estimates too. But whatever you do, whether to give your bathroom accent tiles or redo everything, make sure that you do like it, and it complements your home’s overall style.

spruce up an older bathroom guide

Bring In Some House Plants

When your bathroom just has an overwhelmingly white wall, white counters, and even white floor, it would seem you’re inside the operating room waiting for delicate surgery. Bringing in some house plants will add colour to it and even would make you feel more relaxed. The green shades of plants have proved to calm the senses, improve your concentration and productivity and boost your mood. Something that you would like to achieve when you’re soaking in a milk bath.

Nail Some Reclaimed Wood Wall

If you have wood flooring, you can complement it with some reclaimed wood. It doesn’t have to be oak or even have the same exact dimensions. You just need to select something that fits the design and feel of your whole bathroom. Check the colours and staining of the wood to see if it fits the overall design of the features inside your space. You can check Decoist’s options on how to use reclaimed wood properly for your bathroom wall. Who knows, your creative side might get a kick, and you can draw in some inspiration from these designs.

Peel and Stick Backsplash and Decor Design

For a budget bathroom reinvention, you can use a humidity-resistant peel and stick design options. You can choose from an infinite number of designs and applications. There are options for wallpapers, backsplash, flooring, and even mirror and wall accents. And its uses are not confined to one part of your bathroom. You can use wallpaper for your cabinets, give a sophisticated look to your counters with a marble or granite inspired backsplash, and a whole lot more. The key is letting your creative juices flow. And of course, you would have to ask the opinion of some of your family members or housemates. It would be nice to have a second opinion, yes?

Update Your Fixtures

Before deciding on ripping out all the tile work and flooring inside your bathroom, think about changing the fixtures first. Maybe you need a nice vanity or the sconces need to be changed, and the faucet needs updating. Medicine cabinets and walls can be painted to bring out the colour of your tile and other furnishings. Give them a darker colour shade so that the other features or the room pops out. That way, you can save a ton of money in the demolition work and re-tiling of your wall and floor. If you are dealing with a coloured tub, you can get it resurfaced, and that doesn’t even cost a quarter of the budget if you have to redo the tiles.

Create A Wall Gallery

Hanging pictures of your favourite place in the world and your dearest ones in life could add life in your otherwise stale bathroom. More than that, it eliminates the big dull blank on your bathroom floor. When choosing the best canvas for your gallery, make sure that it contrasts with the wall that it is hanging on. For instance, if you have a white tile wall, you can use a darker canvass then display your chosen pictures. If you don’t have a large enough wall to add a canvass, you can always adorn the wall with the portraits themselves. Just keep in mind to arrange them neatly so that anyone who might use the bathroom would be pleased by it.

Get a Bathroom Rug or Mat

Floors that are plain coloured give off a sophisticated look, but it can be quite dull. To solve this dullness, you can add a colourful oriental rug to give it more shade and life. Don’t confine yourself with the old tiny size bathroom rugs. Living room rugs will add more pizazz to your bathroom floor with this large size furnishing.

There you go. These creative, budget-friendly, and simple design options could make your bathroom more livable and add colour to the safest place in your house.

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