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Major Building Designs from around the World: International Built Environment

post updated 11 February 2024

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We select what we feel are the best examples of Interiors. Our focus at e-architect is on contemporary interiors.

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Latest Interior Designs

Architectural News, chronological:

7 February 2024
Jiaxing Train Station, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
Design: MAD Architects
Jiaxing Train Station building design
image : CreatAR Images
Jiaxing Train Station building design

Kit Digital Prague, Czech Republic – 6 Aug 2013
Design: 4a architekti
Kit Digital in Prague Interiors
photo : Ondřej Polák
The concept is a ‘pixeled thread of notions’ based on geographical locations as a matrix of events associated with digital content. Illustrating the Client’s global reach the architects designed the interior as destinations. Localities include ocean / beach; jungle / savannah; desert / oasis; urban landscape / city at night.

Favelous 963, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Pop up restaurant – 28 Jun 2013
Design: Favelous, Architects
Favelous 963 Pop-up Restaurant in Amsterdam
photo : Arne Kuilman
What can you make out of 900 meters of split bamboo, 600 meters of black rope and 300 meters of damaged bicycle tires collected from the local stores? The Favelous team made a pop-up restaurant at Mediamatic Fabrique.

Hypernuit Offices, Paris, France – 22 Feb 2013
Design: h2o architectes
Hypernuit Offices Building Interiors
photo : Julien Attard
The project takes place on the ground floor of a building of flats, behind a large window looking out onto the street. The office space to create has a single orientation; it is a well-lit, plainly treated volume with a simple geometry. The commission consisted in fitting-out an office space including five identical desks, a common meeting room and shared facilities.

Cahier d’Exercices Montréal, Québec, Canada – 10 Jan 2013
Design: Saucier + Perrotte
Cahier d’Exercices Building Interiors
photo : Marc Cramer
This cutting-edge retail interior is located within a historic warehouse-store building – the new fittings slot between red-painted cast iron columns. The industrial past is not lost within this fresh design.

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards : entry information – 9 Jan 2013
2012 Restaurant & Bar Design Award Winners
photograph from organisers
The 2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards are now open for entries, inviting submissions from the world’s leading architects, interior and lighting designers and hospitality operators.

Central St Martin’s College of Art & Design, London, UK – award – 18 May 2012
Central Saint Martins Interiors
photo © Hufton+Crow
Stanton Williams master planned and designed the new 32,000 m² campus, accommodating 5,000 students. The design combines the 19th century Granary building and transit sheds – with a 200 metre long new building that uses industrial materials and creates robust spaces for the students, full of natural light. An internal street draws daylight in and acts as a central circulation spine with suspended walkways, cafes, film, graphic and light projections.

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari, Modena, Italy – 20 Mar 2012
Architect: Jan Kaplický
Enzo Ferrari Museum Modena Interiors
photo © Andrea Morgante
In 2004 Future Systems won an international competition to design a new museum in Modena. Dedicated to motor racing legend and entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari, the museum comprises exhibition spaces within the early nineteenth century house where the motor racing giant was born and raised, and its adjoining workshop, as well as a separate, newly constructed exhibition building.

Tosetto Weigmann & Associates, Turin, Italy – 30 Mar 2012
Design: MARC
Tosetto Weigmann & Associates
photo : Beppe Giardino
Transformation of an elegant mansion from the beginning of the 20th century into an efficient contemporary office building. To do that it needs to perform radical and pragmatic interventions, optimizing the use of interior space.

B&B Italia Showroom, Tel Aviv, Israel
Design: Pitsou Kedem
Tel Aviv Showroom Building
picture : Amit Geron
The designer breathed new life into an abandoned and dilapidated building in the Tel Aviv harbor area, and created, around one of the finest furniture collections in the world of design, a space that is both powerful and yet restrained at one and the same time.

Atrium Store, London, UK
Design: Studio RHE
Atrium Store Interiors
photograph : Bjarte Rettedal
For the last twenty years, ‘Atrium’ has been located in the base of Centrepoint, the iconic building that once held the title of the tallest building in London. Recently ‘Atrium’ has made a move away from modern furniture supply to selling the finest lighting products – a move that needed both explanation and celebration. This contemporary interior seeks to achieve that aim.

Museo Soumaya, Mexico
Design: FREE | Fernando Romero EnterprisE
Soumaya Museum Interiors
photograph : Adam Wiseman
The Soumaya Museum is located in a former industrial zone dating from the 1940’s which today presents a very high commercial potential. The building plays a key role in the reconversion of the area: as a preeminent cultural program, it acts as an initiator in the transformation of the urban perception. Its avant-garde morphology and typology define a new paradigm in the history of Mexican and international architecture.

Interior Design – Major Project

Mies van der Rohe Awards Winner 2011 : Neues Museum Renewal: David Chipperfield Architects
Neues Museum
photograph : Ute Zscharnt

Interiors Design Profiles

Interiors KBA

Interior Lighting : Mike Stoane Lighting

Key Interior Designs

e-architect cover completed Interiors and new interior designs across the world.

Contemporary Interiors, alphabetical:
Barcelona Pavilion, Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona Pavilion Interior
photo © architect Adrian Welch

Casa Pedro Lira, Chile
Casa Pedro Lira
picture : Carlos Eguiguren

Church Interior, Barcelona, Spain
Church Interior
photo © architect Adrian Welch

Hotel Interior, London, England
Hotel interior
photograph : James Morris

Hotel Puerta America, Madrid, Spain
Hotel Puerta America Interior
image from hotel

Folded House, Austria
Austrian house interior
picture : Max Nirnberger

Mexican Pavilion, Zaragoza, Spain
Zaragoza interior
image : Sandra Pereznieto / Claudia Aguilar

Moliera 2 Boutique, Warsaw, Poland
Boutique interior
image from designer

National Museum of African American History and Culture, USA
National Museum of African American History and Culture
picture courtesy Moshe Safdie and Associates Inc

New Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece
New Acropolis Museum interior
photo : Christian Richters

SHELL villa, Japan
SHELL villa
Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Porto Alegre House, Brazil
Brazilian house
picture : Marcelo Nunes

More Interior architecture + design online soon

Gingko Restaurant design, Chengdu, China
Restaurant Interiors China
image from architect

Scottish Interiors Designs

Scottish Parliament Building

ABC, Glasgow Nightclub Interior design

Collage Bar Interior by Graven Images

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