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Planning for a bathroom renovation?

1 Nov 2019

Planning for a bathroom renovation

Bathroom Refurb Guide

Your bathroom is one of the essential parts of your house! Remodeling a bathroom takes time and effort. Giving your bathroom a new look with a new basin or tile design isn’t the only things you should be concerned about. There are other essential considerations, as well.

The benefits of bathroom renovations in a home are several. But only when you know how to go about it! It is essential to consider the following pointers:

  1. Take care of the plumbing

The residential plumbing usually makes use of an inch and half pipes for the drains. You might get surprised at the amount of hair and gunk that goes down the drain. The bigger the drain, the chances of clogging are less. Also, the cost difference for upgrading to the drain is negligible. You must consider maximizing the drain in the shower to almost 2 inches when bathroom remodeling. Also, when you stay in a place where the temperatures drop beneath the freezing point at the wintertime, the water supply lines mustn’t be routed via an external wall.

  1. Take care of the lighting

You need to get concerned about the recessed light fixtures all through the ceiling that helps to brighten the room. You can add one or two in the shower that has the best shower trim. You can also get a dimmer switch installed that will help to give your bathroom a specific mood. Take time to think the way you will use a mirror in the bathroom. Think if you want to opt-in for functional or aesthetic lighting. It will help you decide on the new look your bathroom will have. Also, check the voltage capacity of the bathroom space before you choose the lighting fixtures.

  1. Take care of the medicine cabinets

Is there space adjust the medicine cabinet in your bathroom? There are times when people go about their bathroom renovation without considering this aspect. You might have to add an extra frame for this. Make sure that it gets adjusted within the bathroom renovation budget. Make sure that the medicine cabinet protrudes by about 4 to 5 inches.

  1. The towel hanging racks

It is one of the essential features of a bathroom! Most homeowners have one central towel rack. But you can have other additions as well. You can keep a small towel hanging loop close to the basin as well. It doesn’t mean you have to overdo the feature. But think about the space where a small towel hanging rack or loop, other than the main rack might be of use.

  1. A window in shower

If your home decorator can execute it the correct way, it is one of the best features. If you are opting in for it makes sure you opt-in for the frosted-glass panel, especially one that gets opened for the fresh air. You can also checkout for stone jambs in the overall installation so that the area is completely water-tight. You need to ensure that the bathroom sill gets slightly sloped down for apt drainage.

These are some of the essential aspects that will help you to decide on your bathroom renovation correctly.

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