Design solutions to refresh your bathroom

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Design Solutions To Refresh Your Bathroom

25 Mar 2021

Design Solutions To Refresh Your Bathroom

Bathroom interiors usually are designed to last for decades and seldom imply any changes. Thus, many people tend to stick to the same tiles and shower fixtures they had chosen several years ago. However, sooner or later, you will get tired of the way your bathroom looks – which is not the reason to plan another big renovation.

Details and small changes significantly impact the overall appearance of any room in the house, and the bathroom is not an exception. Below, you will find some tips on how to make your bathroom look fresh and brand new without spending a fortune on it.

Try Unusual Flooring

Tiles are indeed a convenient and durable choice when changing the floor covering in a bathroom, but it is also the most apparent and non-creative solution you can opt for. If you want to try something more interesting, you can consider mixing different flooring types in one space. For example, wood-like floors or hybrid flooring have become the most popular design ideas to implement into a new bathroom.

What is hybrid flooring? It is a durable, waterproof, and budget-friendly floor covering that you can place in front of the vanity to give your bathroom a more vintage look. Besides, you can mix these easy-to-install planks with tiles to zone a small space.

Jump on the concrete sink wagon

There is a general misconception that concrete kitchen sinks are dull and cheap-looking. But contrary to popular belief, they are the exact opposite. A properly done custom concrete sink will look stunning and give your bathroom a fresh look. If the concrete sink is paired with a concrete tiled floor of the same contrasting color, you’ve nailed the perfect kitchen look.

The uncountable level of customizations is what makes the concrete sink stick out from the rest of the other sinks available. Also the competitive price range you can get a concrete sink also tips the scale in its balance.

Bring in Some Plants

Bathrooms are always overlooked when decorating a place with living plants, and this is a significant omission. Moreover, it is an excellent way to add more colors and make your bathroom a bright and lively place. However, it is crucial to remember that not all houseplants will enjoy high humidity and lack of sunlight, and pick your bathroom companions wisely.

Here is a list of just a few plants you can rely on:

  • bamboo
  • ferns
  • aloe vera
  • orchid
  • snake plant
  • aglaonema
  • pothos

Perhaps, bamboo will be the most stylish and easy-to-care-for choice, as you do not even have to put it in the soil. It will be enough to leave it in a vase of water, changing it once in a couple of weeks.

Emphasize Lighting Fixtures

Any interior designer will tell you that a thoughtful bathroom design is impossible without well-planned lighting. The lighting here should be bright enough to enhance the feeling of warmth, comfort, and cleanliness. And of course, it is much more convenient to carry out all sorts of hygienic and cosmetic procedures in proper lighting.

You can install a good illumination in several ways. For example, you can opt for the primary light source, such as a single chandelier or a lamp, and choose several lighting fixtures to built into the bathroom walls, ceiling, and bathroom vanity at the same time. Besides, modern light bulbs are energy-efficient and safe to use in high humidity levels and can serve as additional decor pieces.

Get a Corner Bathtub

If you are up for a bigger bathroom remodel than just cosmetic changes, consider installing a corner bathtub. First of all, it is still a low-cost solution compared to a clawfoot tub but will indeed make a big difference to your bathroom’s overall look and functionality. Second of all, it will allow you to free up some more space or make it possible to have a bathtub in a limited space.

Swap Out Shower Fixtures

There is a set of details you can regularly update in order to refresh your bathroom’s look – shower fixtures. Opting for a brand new shower curtain or changing a showerhead to a more up-to-date model will allow you to use some low-budget bathroom accessories to change the room’s style.

Update Storage Places

The way you organize your stuff in the bathroom impacts greatly how it looks, so rearranging your storage spaces from time to time will allow you to change the room’s style. First of all, you will have the chance to get rid of all the unnecessary things you store there and declutter the space. Secondly, making the most out of what you already have is the most affordable solution you can think of.

Then, you can move to bring some creative ideas and DIY projects to life, which include:

  • painting or refinishing cabinet doors
  • hanging open shelves above the sink
  • acquiring a hair accessories organizer to keep the countertops clear
  • adding pullout shelves to under sink cabinets
  • opting for a medicine cabinet for a vintage bathroom look

Design solutions to refresh your bathroom – Bottom Line

If you do not like the way your bathroom looks and no longer feel comfortable and relaxed in there, you still have a chance to turn things around. Firstly, check which existing design solutions you would like to save, and determine which spaces you want to update. It will allow you to evaluate the approximate cost of future repairs.

Then, start with small design solutions, such as changing some fixtures to newer models or adding white accents (for example, towels, shower curtains, or storage baskets). However, bear in mind that keeping your bathroom spacious and clean is a more beneficial solution than cluttering it with addition

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